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Yordi Rosado reacts to the relationship between Carlos Fierro and María León: “we all wanted with your old woman”

since last year Charles Iron confirmed that he has gone out romantically on several occasions with Mary Leon although he preferred not to put a label on their relationship. Until now none of the celebrities had clarified if they are still together, however, recently the actor was on the show members on air where he answered if his romance with the singer still continues.

His reply came after Yordi Rosado He asked him directly if he still dates the singer and if this was how they managed to get their relationship afloat despite their tight schedules.

“Are you still with María León? And if you continue with her, can she put up with you for four months if you leave?” Yordi asked him, referring to the time they remain separated for work reasons.

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Given this, Charles Iron answered: “Yes… well, it’s c*br*n, it’s difficult, but the job, if there’s one thing we’re all clear on, and I also know that you, it’s that this business is like that and this job is like that, and sometimes we have to put On your part, it’s time to give in and tighten up a little”.

Subsequently, Yordi Rosado challenged the actor to expose something negative about each of the program’s hosts. It was then that the presenter made a controversial comment about the relationship between Carlos Ferro and María León.

First, Paul Stanley claimed both Raúl Araiza and Jorge Donkey Van Rankin for his prolonged absences from the program or tardiness. Later, Yordi Rosado shared his opinion about the actors’ courtship.

“And this guy is also a son…” Rosado said pointing to Carlos Ferro, “I want to say why: We all c * br * n, we all wanted with your old lady, to see a person who in the last 10 years did not say: ‘how beautiful María León is, how beautiful she is, how talented’, and this c * br * n arrives, hangs out with her and fucks us all. No m*m*s.”

The actor only heard the driver’s claim and added: “I better not say anything because…”. Later, Ferro pointed out that Yordi Rosado is really “cunning”.


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