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Yordi Rosado acknowledges that there were interviews in which he was not emotionally well

Yordi Rosado has achieved that week after week thousands of Mexicans are watching his YouTube channel because every Sunday he presents a new interview with a different guest, singers, actors, writers and all kinds of artists have passed through his program.

This Saturday, August 28, he decided to share a special program in which he celebrated having completed and shared 100 interviews and three million subscribers on his YouTube channel.. In this episode titled ‘The Interview, Secrets Revealed’, Yordi recalled some anecdotes and the entire workflow behind each chapter.

Among the questions asked of the host of Mexican programs, there was one that caught the attention of the audience: “Have you been mentally affected in an interview?” Yordi was questioned.

over several yearsYordi Rosado has been characterized by the great way in which he interviews his guests, but for the first time on his program he spoke about his emotional situation during work.

“If there have been interviews in which I have not been emotionally well, several. I can tell you two interviews in which I was not having a good time: The one with Julio Cesar Chavez and the one with Michel Biel, I was in both interviews with personal, emotional, very complicated problems.”Yordi remembers.

She also recalls that during those interviews there were times when she would get distracted in the middle of an interview by the issues on her mind: “In fact, at times I was doing the interview and I was leaving because I was worried about something personal,” he added.

Yordi admits that at that moment he had to put aside his feelings because he knew that they were interviews that could only be presented to him once.


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