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Monday, August 15, 2022

Yolanda Andrade ‘explodes’ against Laura Bozzo after cruel insults to Ivonne Montero: “you are a virus, pathetic”

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Yolanda Andradefamous conductor, lashed out at Laura Bozzo for his attitude in The House of the Famous. This after several confrontations that the Peruvian had with Ivonne Montero. What does Andrade think of Bozzo?

After Laura Bozzo had intense fights against Ivonne Montero and that strong words were thrown with disqualificationsthe audience was perplexed by the attitude of the Peruvian, who dared to throw a drawing with seeds that the actress made for her daughter.

Laura Bozzo would face a lawsuit from Nacho Casano’s family for defamation

Laura Bozzo and the fight against Ivonne Montero

In the fight between Bozzo and Montero the insults did not stop. This is what the famous said:

“I know very well what your place is, of course, you can be in everyone’s bed to know what your place is. Go play the victim somewhere else, tremendous p… If I win here it won’t be because I’m a victim or because I’m a crybaby or because I’m doing the… or by chance. If I win it will be because of the people. And this manipulative hypocrite who uses her daughter to pity me disgusts me… Please, hypocrite!”, Laura Bozzo exploded against Montero.

“You should be in my place, but you are so miserable at heart, you can’t even have empathy, how sad, how disappointing to have met you on this reality show… How horrible, who knows me well about the person I am, I want to know. Nothing is going to tarnish my happiness … she is dying of rage, of envy, of anger, of everything that I provoke her, how sad, what a woman with so much misery of soul, of heart, pathetic, ”Montero reacted.

Yolanda Andrade throws herself against Laura Bozzo

Before the shocking moment, Yolanda Andrade decided to express her opinion on Instagram, where she said that the Peruvian was toxic and that she is a person who poisons the house and who is also a shame for the female gender:

“#fueralaurabozzo You are #toxic It is exhausting to continue enduring so much evil that is in your being. You poisoned the house. You are the shame of the genre,” said Andrade.

As if that were not enough, he recommended that Laura Bozzo hopefully seek help, because it is not true that it helps women:

“Woman, look for help, maybe luck will still help you there, although an old monkey doesn’t do a new trick. You seemed funny to me because you were ridiculous. Now that people thank you for how much we saw #clown I hope you see yourself …NOT in a mirror because you already know what you are going to see. Defender of women! That does NOT exist in you. Already your presence and your voice and your actions, only cause compassion, “added the famous.


Finally, Yolanda Andrade expressed that Bozzo is a virus and a pathetic person:

“You are a virus. An apology to all women for this gender shame. #fueralaura And if you win, just because I’m generous even in my insults, I’ll give you a discount at Gucci. PATHETIC. Let’s remember that the criminal is you! #ficharoja #delinquent In Santa Martha your tantrums are NOT going to put up with you. They already told me they are waiting for you, ”she added.


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