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Yolanda Andrade attacks Laura Zapata: “She always puts Thalía”

The lawsuit between Laura Zapata and Yolanda Andrade It continues to grow, because after the actress blamed the driver for anything negative that could happen to her, Andrade responded to her on Tuesday.

In the program First hand, Gustavo Adolfo Infante presented an audio with Yolanda’s response to what Zapata said. “This lady is already taking what she said,” said the presenter of the program Motse and Joe at the beginning of the message.

Laura Zapata confesses that she warned Thalía about Yolanda Andrade and her family: “I hold her responsible if something happens to me”

Then, he spoke directly to Laura: “You are no longer being responsible, Laura Zapata, for what you said about the Mexicans; you said that we are assholes, then you regretted it and you wanted to make a clarification with which you were worse off, as always, and as always you put your sister Thalía”.

“What does Thalia have to do with the things you say? You’re old enough to take responsibility Mrs. Laura Zapata, of what you say. And what does the issue of my friendship with Thalía have to do with it? That’s another matter, always put Thalia”, he questioned.

Likewise, Yolanda challenged Laura “to do an interview and not to include her sister. What is she going to talk about?

Finally, the driver revealed that Thalía’s mother and she lived together on many occasions: “I think that we saw each other more, Mrs. Yolanda and I, than Laura Zapata and Mrs. Yolanda.”

Laura Zapata holds Yolanda Andrade responsible “for what happens to me”

In an interview with several media outlets, Laura Zapata said that she alerted her sister Thalía about the alleged links that the Andrade family has with disappearances.

“Imagine what society, the person is dangerous, it is very dangerous, tremendous things of fear have come out, from his father, from his family… I did not know what people uploaded, how scary, I thought a person was arguing on the air, but not with such a serious background, “the actress shared.

“I say it publicly, I take responsibility for what happens to me, to any of my properties, because he knows where I live, or any of the people close to me. I hold this person responsible, who we have already seen is one to take up arms,” added Zapata.


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