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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Yoiker, traveling for 10 years to achieve glory; freestyle and life

Where to find the heaviest flow? Some would think that in Puerto Rico, Venezuela or Colombia, but no. The heaviest flow comes from Mexico City and has been crowned champion of the Red Bull National Battle Mexico 2022.

His name is Yoker a mexa freestyler, musician and producer who is experiencing the sweetest moment of his career. José Emiliano, real name of the freestyler, spoke to MILENIO about his feelings that this victory has generatedthat journey of almost 10 years to turn his dreams into reality and how this victory has come to reorganize his priorities and musical career.

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“I’ve been trying for nine years.. The first time I submitted a video to enter a Red Bull qualifier was in 2013 and that this championship comes almost 10 years later is something very significant for me; It was a long time dreaming it, “said Yoiker.

It was in the final against Skiper that Yoiker managed to take the victory, unleashing an explosion that can be seen in the video posted on YouTube. José remembers that moment of pure joy, of satisfaction and above all of making a dream come true that began to take shape 10 years ago.

“When they raised my hand I yelled ‘I did it’. I felt relief, euphoria, happiness accumulated for 10 years that came out at that moment. This year I did not visualize myself with the championship unlike other years; I did not have those desires to win and it happened. Now I continue with the same goal of strengthening my career and I hope that my music is successful enough so that I no longer spend so much time in battles. I wish that due to tours, concerts and tours I no longer have to be in battles”.

freestyle and music

It’s not just rap battles, Yoiker is very clear about his goals and delving into his musical career, writing songs is something that he is equally passionate about. But,What is it like to live being a freestyler and also a singer-songwriter?

“There was a time when I was on edge, I really got into freestyle but I’ve always written songs, I stopped doing it because I wanted to put all my creativity into freestyle but then I went back to authorship. Now, I’ve taken a more glued-on approach to musicin the studio sessions and what it means to make songs”.

Likewise, he is aware that this title obtained brings him more responsibilities, which he tackles with pride and seriousness; “Now that I have won this championship, my focus will be on freestyle. because the objective of winning the international red bull is there”.

Yoiker has already prepared his album signed with Universal and that will be released by singles so that in the final part of the year he will release the entire album. He also assured that a lot of music is coming every month.

The heaviest Flow

Yoiker has made a place for himself in the freestyle scene, a place that he now endorses with a title, José recounts how he made himself feel like “the heaviest flow”, this to finish and crush the always immense nerves.

“In the Red Bull final in 2008 held in Tijuana it was my first participation. I was very nervous and in freestyle there are fillers that are phrases that you repeat a lot without realizing it. So, that day for some reason I took the word “heavy flow” when the competition ended I saw that on the internet they mentioned my participation and I began to embrace that term and that is how they began to call me and my brand began to be made.” finished.


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