Home Entertainment Yessung wishes for a super show in the country

Yessung wishes for a super show in the country

Yessung wishes for a super show in the country

yesung, a member of Super Junior, exposed the enthusiasm of his followers in Mexico and Latin America after posting in the Spanish Who wants to return to the country to take action. In the publication he also shared images of the last concert he performed 2018 in country.

I want to go back to Mexico to perform…“, wrote the interpreter, who is promoting his solo song”lost heart

Super Junior’s love story with Mexico

And the thing is, after a long wait, Super Junior finally toured Mexico in 2013 Receiving “sold“In a few days in A.Reina Mexico CityWho confirmed the love of elf (as fans of the group are known) by Heechul, Siwon, Shindong, Donghe, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ryowook and Yeesung, an active member of the K-pop group.

The singers and dancers returned in the following years for a new concert at the Arena Ciudad de México, their final participation on a stage. 2018, like someone’s part telehit award. He previously participated in several television programs, which gave him a wide presence in the country.

On that occasion, the singers decided to return the love they had received from Mexico. “Now you can go”, From luis miguelo, singing entirely in Spanish.

In addition, he added collaborations with the Riek Group. “One More Time (Otra Waze)”.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2020 the agency that was in charge of several K-pop concerts in Mexico, including big Banghandjob bts and their own Super Junior; They announced that they would have the possibility to hold a “super show”, as the concerts of the veteran group are known in the country. However, the pandemic put those plans on hold.

Yessung’s message aroused enthusiasm, as many believe it signal so that the group resume your activities, in view of the fact that more and more places are being opened with strict health protocols to prevent COVID-19 infection.