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Yeri Mua will pay nose reconstruction to woman who defended herself from abuse

Yeri Mua is one of the most popular female influencers in Mexico thanks to her Facebook broadcasts. The young woman recently went viral after accusing the National Electoral Institute of editing her photo from her official identification to “make her look ugly.”

Now, in the midst of controversy, The queen of the Veracruz carnival won the recognition of her millions of followers and members of feminist groups after assuring that she will help a woman who was a victim of violence and that she lost part of her nose when she was bitten by her assailant while trying to be abused.

A few weeks ago, Yeri Mua announced a dynamic in which she would raffle a cosmetic surgery among her fans to thank the support she has received from her fans during her career.

Yeri MUA assures that they edited a photo of her identification to make her look bad: “They discriminated against me for being pretty”

Through social networks, the feminist group ‘Las Bruges del Mar’ shared the case of Jazmín Pérez and asked the followers of the influencer to give the prize to the woman who needed the reconstruction of her nose.

“We propose a nose job, specifically for Jazmín Pérez, who was attacked a few weeks ago by Roberto “N” and in resisting his sexual harassment and abuse, he partially tore off his nose, which requires medical interventions. The reconstructive operation has already been achieved, but the ones that would make his face return to the way it was are missing.“, they wrote in the first message before receiving the positive response from the influencer.

Yeri Mua announced on her Facebook account that she would find a way to support Jasmine and pay for her face surgery herself: “Of course!!! Tell me how I can support her and with pleasure. It’s unfortunate what happened.”

Days later, the content creator announced that she had everything ready to perform the surgery in collaboration with her Dr. Javier Soto. “I am happy to inform you that Dr. Drjaviersoto and I will join forces to support Jazmín Pérez in her reconstruction of her nose. that he needs due to the attack he received a few weeks ago. Not one less”


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