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Yandel responds to Aleks Syntek for proposing to fine businesses for playing reggaeton: “we pay for it”

a couple of days ago Mexican composer Aleks Syntek was once again involved in a controversy on social networks after again openly showing his rejection of reggaeton as he proposed to fine businesses that put this genre in family hours.

His statements generated a debate on social networks because Many Internet users agreed with his proposal while others rejected the controversial Mexican singer-songwriter’s comments.

One of the groups that is a pioneer and pillar of reggaeton is currently in Mexico, Wisin and Yandel visited the country as part of their farewell tour, La Última Misión World Tour and Aleks Syntek’s statements did not go unnoticed by one of its members.

Yandel Veguilla was questioned by the media about Aleks Syntek’s proposal to regulate reggaeton in shops during family hours or fine them if they do not respect it.

“That they fine us, we pay it. Really, reggaeton is music, it’s art. It’s how you want to wear it. We try to do our best, the truth is, we are not people who sing profanities, “he told the program windowing the renowned Puerto Rican singer.

It seems that Yandel did not fear this proposal because he recognizes that these comments have been present since he began his career many years ago: ““That has happened since I started singing reggaeton and we are still here.”

What did Aleks Syntek say?

The artist was a guest on the podcast ‘Authentic Podcast’ by Pedro Nieto and there he took the opportunity to clarify that he has never asked for forbid reggaeton but proposed a fine to all those establishments that put it in spaces where there are usually children.

“Why do you have to be listening to that? It is not that I cover my son’s eyes, it is invasive to be everywhere. I have the right to fine the venue for playing music at inappropriate times and places,” he mentioned.


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