Home Entertainment Yalitza Aparicio raises voice against racism and discrimination

Yalitza Aparicio raises voice against racism and discrimination

Yalitza Aparicio raises voice against racism and discrimination

Guadalajara (EFE) .- yalitza aparicio spoke against him racism in mexico and assured that society grows when everyone has equal opportunity regardless of their caste.

The actress nominated for an Oscar in 2018 for the film Rome Virtually offered a conference as part of the Talent Land Innovation Festival in GuadalajaraUntil tomorrow, Friday, July 9.

Opportunities that are not limited to skin color

“I would love for society to realize that We are all human, we have rights that must be respected, Beyond an idea that is forged, that opportunities are limited by skin color or origin. I have always believed that if a society moves forward, it is because we all support each other,” Yalitza said.

Yalitzia Aparicio and its social causes

yalitza aparicio Talks about the social causes in which he has been involved in the last three years In which she has defended issues like feminism and non-discrimination.

Young The indigenous people assured that it is not bad to have a person like him on the big screen, The reprehensible thing is that people think it can’t do it.

Yalitzia Aparicio. responsibility of

“(Reality) made me realize that there were many things to talk about And if I had the possibility to be in this position it was my responsibility Continue to give voice and visibility that unfortunately has become normal in our society,” he said.

How did you embrace fame?

Yalitza told that It was difficult for him to absorb fame and take credit for the success he got after his performance. Cleo In Alfonso Cuarón’s feature film which earned him nominations for important awards at film festivals around the world.

“It took me time to process, assimilate, It’s been a huge task to understand if I really deserve it, Sometimes there are so many voices around you that it was luck, there comes a point where you lose faith in yourself, but there I reacted and said that if I don’t believe in it, no one will do,” he said.

One of Mexico’s 100 Most Influential Women

According to Forbes magazine, Yalitza Aparicio, considered one of Mexico’s 100 most influential women, reported that Have confidence, perseverance and self-assurance qualities Who inspired you to achieve your goals.

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