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Yahir was honest about Tristán: “My son in addictions is another person”

Yahir spoke about his relationship with his son Tristán (Photos: Ig/@tristan_gss Ig/@yahirmusic)

The current driver of The academy, Jahirconfessed for the cameras of Gossip No Like that many things have happened in the relationship with his son Tristán. “What interests me is that he is well, that he makes good decisions,” she said.

And it is that for a long time he has been questioned about the addictions and the lifestyle that the young man showed, since he had previously expressed that he wanted to dedicate himself to Only Fans.

Your dad will always be therehe will always be there and that will not change anything, but I want him to be happy with the decisions he makes, “he said.

They also questioned Yahir about his alleged lack of acceptance of Tristán’s sexual orientation and stated that he had no problem with that aspect.

Yahir and his son Tristán (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)
Yahir and his son Tristán (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)

“No, no, not at all, it has nothing to do with that. My son in addictions is another person, that is nothing more. I’m not going to allow addictions because I’m not addicted, I never have been. I have always been a healthy vato, I love that, ”she added.

In addition, the driver stated that when his son is close to him, he is a different person, but when he relapses into addiction issues, he does not like how he transforms.

“When he hits me he is a really different person and when it comes to issues of addiction, well, it’s another person, and I don’t like it the way it is”, he declared.

Apparently Tristán has not wanted to leave that environment of his own free will and has not sought help. According to Yahir, every time he has been intervened he has been imposed.

Yahir expressed that he wants his son to make good decisions (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)
Yahir expressed that he wants his son to make good decisions (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)

“All time has been imposed, all the time he has been in clinics has been imposed by his mom and dad, for us. Thought, talked, armed when we have seen that it has truly hit rock bottom we have resorted to professional help, ”he said.

“I think that it costs him, it hurts him, but well, it is for his own good. She gets out of hand and we have to go to someone,” she noted. Yahir said that he had tried many times to get him away from friends that had a bad influence on him, but he had not been successful.

Bad friends are always thereit depends on one if he pays attention to it, if not, how accurate one is after going for some goals, about dreams, after going about personal growth, “he added.

Finally, Yahir said he loves his son and that she has always been a very special person for him, that he admires him a lot for his great talent in every sense. “He is a dear, charismatic, beloved, educated, kind, gentlemanly boy,” he pointed out.

Tristán confessed in networks to be bisexual (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)
Tristán confessed in networks to be bisexual (Photo: Ig/@tristan_gss)

Despite the fact that a few months ago Yahir expressed that the controversies with Tristán had ended because his son was making good decisions and that he was already studying, in the current interview he noted that the interventions have not always worked.

The whole media bomb began when Tristán used his networks to express that he was bisexual and that he felt free, and that was when Yahir was upset about exposing his private life.

I’m gay? I’m not gay. I’m a bisexual person, let’s drop the labels, man. There is something further within this topic, love, dude, is liberal because you have to live. I don’t consider myself a gay person, I don’t consider myself a straight person either, I consider myself a bisexual person and that’s perfect for me,” Tristan said via a live stream. Instagram.


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