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Yahir repeats that he will not support his son and that he is going through a nightmare

Yahir no apoyará a su hijo hasta que no cambie

The singer announced that he was taking part in therapy because of Tristán’s addictions and controversial statements.

MEXICO CITY. – The leak of the first sextape who posted Tristan, the oldest son of the singer and actor Yahir was “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” as the former academic revealed that it is go to therapy to overcome the problems his firstborn gave him.

“My son needs to be clean because he’s human when he’s not doing drugs and he’s a different person when he’s using drugs […] I take my therapies and follow it“, Said the singer on the show” Ventaneando “.

Yahir claims to be living a nightmare

Yahir said so You find yourself “in a nightmare” there Tristan relapsed into drugs. The interpreter of “Alucinado” repeated that won’t support it and you will not accept this situation because your child “doesn’t want to know anything about anyone”.

I feel like I am living in a nightmare. I am naturally sad with you a son with an addiction Relapse after a long time […] He’s in trouble again and doesn’t want to hear from anyone. He wants us to accept him with everything and his addiction but the truth is that I can’t have a child like that with me, “explained Yahir.

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“I cannot have a child like that”: Yahir repeated that he will not accept Tristan

The also actor of the telenovela “La Desalmada” pointed out educated Tristan with values, The same thing you’ve broken with every statement and action you’ve taken recently. The singer also mentioned that his son doesn’t want to be part of his family.

“The last time I spoke to him, he told me to accept all of this, but I cannot accept it for so many things and for my values. This is not the world I taught him […] I come from a family in which everyone is very close and we continue to be. He doesn’t want to be part of this world, that’s right“Emphasized the actor.

Yahir confessed that his priority now is to raise his youngest son, Ian, and to support his mother and grandmother, from whom he has tried to hide what is happening to Tristan.

Finally, the singer pointed out that the only way he could support his son was if he decided to change his lifestyle.

“The one who has to make the change is him. He has to change this situation. He has all the love, our support, but he has to take the step, whoever wants to change and realize that things are wrong is him […]”said the actor from” Jesus Christ Superstar “

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Tristan’s first adult video already released

Tristan Othon Fierros, Name of the singer’s first son, as he mentioned in various interviews in which he openly revealed this is bisexualHe excitedly reported that his desire to become a grown-up video actor had already been fulfilled.

On November 5th from his Twitter account published that its first sex tape with her boyfriend Axel Martinez it was already available on such a content platform. However, the recording was leaked on social networks.

Although the intimate material of Yahir’s son has already been circulated on the internet, Tristan He assured that he will continue to create adult content as he has decided to take back control of his life.

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