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Yahir could open a profile at Only Fans. Will he compete with his son Tristán?

 Yahir could open a profile at Only Fans.  Will he compete with his son Tristán?

Singer and actor Yahir surprised with the statement that he was not closed to the possibility of joining Onlyfans.

MEXICO CITY – Yahir surprised fans by revealing he won’t be denied the option to a profile on Onlyfans, the site where many celebrities have claimed to make good amounts of money money by sharing exclusive content of an erotic nature.

However, the statement of the singer and actor caused a stir, because a few months ago he said very annoyed, disappointed and hurt after hearing this Tristan, his eldest son announced the release of his first Adult video focused on the gay public.

For this event, Yahir He assured that he did not support the decisions and behavior of his son because he had not raised him that way.

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Could Yahir open a profile on Only Fans?

A few months ago, Yahir assures that Tristán Othón Fierros, Your child should rather find a real job than grab it easy money It would allow him to show himself on adult content videos and photos. In an interview with “De Primera Mano”, however, the singer pointed out if you want to enter the Only Fans platform.

The former member of La Academia stated that when he joins the platform he will get a different content which may not be the one many fans would expect as he stressed that he would use this website to teach exercise routines and stated that he would not be into the pornography issue.

I would enter OnlyFans to train something of routines … I don’t want anything more on this page … OnlyFans encompasses many things and I wouldn’t get into the pornographic or risky subject, it isn’t. The networks are a cover letter for many things and that’s not my thing, ”says the interpreter of“ Alucinado ”.

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Following the singer and actor’s comments, the hosts of the show program Imagen Televisión discussed what Yahir was saying and advised him that he wanted to teach exercise routines Fans only it’s not the option.

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