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Yadhira Carrillo and Leticia Calderón coincide in tribute to Silvia Pinal: “whenever we see each other we hug”

The tribute to Silvia Pinal in the Palace of Fine Arts featured a red carpet full of Mexican celebrities and entertainers, such as Lucía Méndez, Susana Zabaleta, Blanca Guerra, Laura Zapata, Luz María Aguilar and many more. But one of the most controversial meetings of the night was the one that starred Leticia Calderon Y Yadhira Carrillo.

Since Juan Collado, Calderón’s ex-husband, began an affair and later married Carrillo, it is known that the actresses do not have a good relationship, but they treat each other with respect. Despite the tension between them, the actress stated at the event that there is no rivalry and assured that she has great affection for them.

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“Oh, what a beauty. I love them very much and whenever we see each other we hug, of course. Of course,” said Yadhira Carrillo in front of the cameras of the program vBring on the Joy

The actress reiterated her appreciation for her husband’s children, Luciano and Carlo Collado: “I love those children very much, of course. I require her and respect her.”

She assured that the myth about the supposed rivalry that exists between her and Lety Calderón had its origin in the media, since she indicated that in the past they had no conflict.

“Here there were no problems, I think the problem was caused by the press, but between us there were no problems of any kind, things were done perfectly as they had to be done“.

Regarding the legal situation of Juan Collado, Yadhira Carrillo mentioned that her husband is whole and that she will always remain by his side, both in good and bad times.

“Juan there he is, he is a complete champion, strong, a shining example who is an example for all the people who suffer, and also so undeservedly. I have always said that at the time they arrive, at the time the truth always falls”.


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