Wrote his farewell

Strong grief for the loss of former Menudo Ray

MEXICO CITY (L UNIVERSAL) .- For some, Ray Reyes said goodbye to his friends and fans with a message he recently posted on his Facebook account, calling it the alchemy of life and saying “I” There was a reflection on the importance of. Love you ”, because you never know when the last time will be.

One of Menudo’s most admired voices, the singer died the night before from a massive heart attack, but not before dropping a few encouraging words.

“I love everyone. Maybe today you are doing something that will be the last time you do it. Maybe today is the last time we talk to each other and we don’t know. The reason why it’s so important is why we hug us, that we kiss, sorry to say, I love you, I love you… because maybe today might be the last time, “he said. 21 April said, thank you, Anand.

Ray debuted on Mendodo in 1983, featuring Johnny Lozada, Ricky Melandez, Charlie Maso, Miguel Cancell, and Roy Rossello. At the time, he replaced Xavier Serby after secretly attending the audition process at the Padosa offices in San Juan from his parents.

Reyes was a fan of Menudo and at the age of 11 decided to try his luck with the hand of a cousin who took him, as he confessed in an interview nearly a year ago, in which lawyer and singer Roberto Suero Wrote on his YouTube program “Cuero”. Directo “.

After defeating the Olympic Chill during his first performance at the old Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden, New York, he won the love and support of fans with his melodious voice and charisma.

In this way, 105 thousand fans sang “Las Menitas” in public a day before their 13th birthday in public during the group’s symbol concert at Aztec Stadium in Mexico, months after their debut with the group.

“If You’re Not There” was one of his most emblematic songs with Menudo, but he lent his style to popular songs presented by previous members such as “Tu Te Kalpana” and “Quiero Ser”, which he wrote Performed during Portuguese when the group entered the Brazilian music market.

His roots among Brazilian fans reached this level months after he left Menudo in 1985, when he shared the group with Charlie Masso, Roy Rossello, Ricky Martin and Robbie Rosa, he moved to Brazil, where he composed music in Portuguese .

Michael Jackson was given a Grammy Award in 1984, one of the many historic moments of Ray’s stay in Menudo in 1984. Shortly after leaving Menudo, he replaced Xavier again, this time in the Project M group, which hosted several former members of the popular group.

In it, he lived with René Farratt and Johnny Lozada for nearly seven years, until it was dissolved.

Towards the end of his career, Ray devoted himself to giving his voice for a selection of commercials and other artists until the arrival of Ray Rencentro, a project of which he was almost a founder and in which he featured Ricky Melandez, Reno Ferret, Miguel Cancell, Charlie Maso, Johnny Lozada.

Reyes confessed that he previously had some expectations from the project and planned to do a show at the Centro de Belles Arts. However, it was so well received that he sold out seven arenas and participated in two years of touring and numerous concerts in Latin America.

He had several legal struggles for driving while intoxicated, one of them being in 2013, he was sentenced for complying with the Program of Mental Health and Drug Administration (Asamma).

His last performance at a concert in Puerto Rico was in September 2019, when – along with Ricky Melandez, Rene Farrett, Miguel Cancell and Johnny Lozada – he was part of the “Sabet a mi moto tour”, produced by Jose Dunão. In the days following the incident, he made a “virtual” run-in with George “Molasko” Pabon, Ali Warrington and Pamela Noa after making fun of the singer’s physical appearance.

With the “Get to My Moto Tour”, the former Menudo had a scheduled tour to the United States and Latin America, but due to the Kovid-19 they could fulfill their full home commitments in Orlando and Atlanta.

Reyes was recently a critic of the “Get on my bike” series about the Latin band Menudo via Amazon Prime Video.

Reyes reported in October 2020 that the production would be complete if someone asked him about “the joy of being a member, the sadness and pressure at that age … and the beautiful things that I experienced along with those horrible things.” That I also experienced. “


Just look


Ray Reyes died a day before he suffered a major heart attack at his home in Puerto Rico, with Grades Eventos Agency President Lida García Acosta handling public relations to “go on my moto tour”. He said that Raul Reyes, the singer’s brother, would arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico to take care of the funeral arrangements. Reyes is survived by two children, Marcos and Cecilia.

Like brothers

Johnny Lozada and Charlie Maso were among the first X Menudo to express their pain. They both considered Ray as a brother.

The post he wrote his farewell first appeared on El Diario de Yucatán.

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