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Write about breakups

Atala premieres the one and video for “Momentos”

Affinities that collapse, breaks that fracture illusions and kill goals, the second that marks a “so far and from now on” provides life to “Moments”, the brand new single by the Yucatecan singer and songwriter Atala (Rodrigo Chikani).

By this single, Atala narrates the second of the breakdown of an excessively passionate love.

The manufacturing, launched on July 23, which incorporates an official video, has nearly 30 thousand visits on YouTube and round 10 thousand on Spotyfai, and has left the 27-year-old and 15-year-old with nice satisfaction in music, the final two rising as a soloist, since beforehand he made his approach as a part of the Atala group, a band that disappeared in 2019 and since then took this creative title for itself.

The “thunders”

Interviewed by the newspaper, Atala breaks down his most up-to-date single “Momentos” whose theme revolves round relationships that finish.

“The song talks about when you start looking for what you questioned so much, without having a guide, it is just daring and hoping that something receives you at the end,” he says.

“In the same way it is when you decide to let go of who you were and you are experiencing that terror of leaving your comfort zone, hence the phrase of the ‘rola’ (I feel that I do not want to, but I can give a little more)”, he explains.

Atala is a musical undertaking shaped in Mérida (Yucatán) with the priority of mixing the completely different musical genres and sounds which can be a part of the character of Rodrigo Chikani, the thoughts behind the undertaking.

Atala’s music just isn’t pigeonholed, it’s a undertaking, he says, that seeks to transcend.

The official video of “Momentos” was recorded in an deserted grocery store within the heart of Mérida.— Emanuel Rincón Becerra