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Would Robert De Niro have got the SUBE card?

Would Robert De Niro have got the SUBE card?

Society manifests itself in all its polarity without the slightest impetus of rebellion. Extraordinary: Metro doesn’t provide you with the means the metro needs To travel (by metro). It is not possible to have no money. And employees, in general, come up with an impractical solution: “demand”. goes up Somebody else pay the rent.”

We stopped at the turnstile to beg with some embarrassment. no luck, no luck An employee takes pity and lets us through the side door From Carranza station, line D. Before etiquette, he recommends: “Go to a kiosk, but not any kiosk, one of the chain javik, they definitely sell goes up,

Almost two weeks have passed and we’re a minute away from buying SUBE here black market, They ask for 250 pesos. In social networks, alternatives to the chip crisis are offered… “I’m selling SUBE nearly unused balance (-$15) common wear and tear. $3000. I HEAR THE OFFER.


“I’m selling SUBE’s nearly unused balance (-$15) which is common use wear and tear. $3000. I listen to the offer”.

free travel by force

to say that we come to travel for free There may be a breach or an act of meek rebellion in the subway. Perhaps more than one person believes that this newspaper has its own privileges to be a historian. no good, we’re just flexible animal That we adopt a positive attitude and move towards the future by adopting adversity. there is not goes up, We travel for free.

Tired of mission impossible—trying to find those damn cards—, we’ve been doing “travel favors” for more or less 15 days. they are not delivering“, they say at a ticket office h line We passed a province center on Avenida Callao at 400. It no longer exists.

“Graph the world’s hottest municipal person at the subway ticket office. Hori. About fifty years old. He tells me and I quote verbatim: I tell you that’s what happens in New York and it happens. Do you know metro card, Have you traveled to New York?

words of John Paul SanczykA cook by profession. “I tell him: Teacher, in New York if the cards run out they replace them. You’re telling me they’ve been out of stock for months…”

Station 9 July, 30 April.

-Do you sell all cards?

“No,” says the blonde ticket clerk.

-Where can I get it?

– Have you tried the kiosk?

– Yes, I tried. Any.


And with tourists, what happens?I

Plaza Italia has a Swiss anchor trying to travel for hours. Let’s say the guy is exaggerating a bit. He says “hours”. card receiving odyssey goes up He has to be abused. Speaking of tourists: Would Robert De Niro have been lucky?

Without SUBE, there is a type of free service (free similar to Premetro).

Without SUBE, there is a type of free service (free similar to Premetro).

The Swiss, warm, handkerchief in hand, chooses to describe the experience of moving like a lizard from one shade to another. Someone listens and, in solidarity, pays for the visit. However, the Swiss gentlemen seem overwhelmed, defeated: He is afraid to go see Cabildo and finds him camping at Plaza de Mayo at night.,

A clone of Dee Dee Ramonefrom a kiosk on Santa Fe Avenue, say the Ministry of Transportation is in charge of distributing fakin leaves goes up, In faith, whitewash your personal situation. “No, I haven’t had one for a long time, and when I last had SUBE, they cost me 88 pesos. And of course he sold them more expensive,

For?! “I took the trouble of going to Eleven at the time and buying a defender to sell them 150 mangoes. There is an official price which is now 90 pesos, but I cover myself and sell to that keeper, Between newsstands, we do it because we’re here to make money, not lose…”

Dee Dee seems furious and talkative: “My Quilumbo with SUBE is not as a businessman, but as an Argentine. That tourists come to know our country, to waste their time and money, and They meet such a third world… it’s because of these little things that we are the way we are.”

A certain Maria Eva commented on what had happened to her last. ,I SUB. have lost And when I realized I was about to enter the Lima stage one line, I wanted to buy a new one and they didn’t have it, I wanted to buy the ticket and they told me they are no longer sold. When he did me a favor, I finally succeeded. If you don’t have card stock, Which guarantees other means to use the Service,

Journalist Maria Elena Polaki Complaint via Twitter: “Another Argentine Odyssey: Getting a SUBE Card. The official SUBE page notifies points of sale that do not exist or are not sold to SUBE. Why is everything so difficult?

We try to live without SUBE and walk around pretending to have dementia. On top of that, recently, the system often crashes and there is almost no need to argue about cards. “Come in”Says in the plural.

Forms of waiting are rewarded by a type of gratuity—a gratuity similar to premetro—and soonor we receive a secret wish that none of this changes,

“There is no SUBE card due to lack of supplies for its manufacture,” they report in Constitución.

Such things happen. in oath station It is not necessary to ask permission for line D. A boy talks about “free windlass”, In Constitution we see the pig, but we pass through the next door without anyone asking what we are doing. Another day in the same place: “There is no SUBE card due to lack of supplies to manufacture it.”

In fact We want them to stop us, as there may be a dispute, to set up a discussion forum in the middle of the central hall., We want to kick a chew scream. That’s why we do the casting movement very slowly. Still, we didn’t manage to attract attention. It’s like employees know,

posters that lie

A poster is pasted at the ticket office of the court: UP$90.

,One UP please.

– There isn’t. Go to the Bulnes station or one of the headwaters.

In a strange division of tasks, a Bulnes employee admits he doesn’t have a SUBE, but his partner(?) does. We ask about his companion: “He comes in the afternoon.” Congress is not at the station goes up. he passed? “No, pay 30 pesos to a passenger.”

Monday 2 May. Constitution.

-Sube card?

– There isn’t.

-When do they arrive?

-I don’t know.

-he passed?

-Yes come on.

And we will continue to travel for free until further notice.


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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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