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Wos, in the rap and rock arena, created his debut at Argentinos Juniors with Ricardo Mollo and Nicki Nicole as attendees. On board his award-successful album Dark Ecstasy and with offered-out tickets, the rapper manufactured his to start with clearly show on a soccer area. He was also accompanied by Ca7riel, Acru, Zone, Klan and the AfroSound Choir

Wos gave the very first of his two performances at Argentinos Juniors with bought-out tickets (Shots: Juli García)

“Thank you for permitting me to live this instant in the midst of this chaos,” he states. wow while using a breath, he seems to be at the group that has gathered under his ft and hangs a guitar. Despite the fact that linked with La Paternal, the soccer subject Argentine Juniors continues to be strictly in Villa Common Mitre: this is where the artist attained stadium position and at the very same time crowns a historic thirty day period for Argentine rap, which started with the collection of Duki in Velez.

The 1 with the guitar, to accompany himself in punk holster “40″, was not a complacent gesture to the rock tribe that adopted it early, but it has to do with its roots, with the baggage from which it styles its aesthetics, the a single that attained it lots of accusations of staying conservative in its audio .

But unlike several of his generational friends, who began their changeover as artists rapping more than a monitor and are now undertaking are living fronting rock bands, wow never ever hid his way of being, from his to start with recital (February 2019, at the Cosquin Rock and in parallel to his past year as freestyler of battles) who is found leaping ahead of a traditional lineup of bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards.

Wos and his band exiting the dressing room towards the stage
Wos and his band exiting the dressing home in direction of the stage
Wos and the backs looked after by Natasha Iurcovich and Facu Yalve, part of their band completed by Fran Azorai and Tomi Sainz
Wos and the backs seemed just after by Natasha Iurcovich and Facu Yalve, section of their band done by Fran Azorai and Tomi Sainz

With Fran Azorai, Natasha Iurcovich, Tommy Sainz Y Facu Yalve standing on a white staircase, Valentine Olive -these is its actual identify- was bouncing in between its different shades: from a darkness ricotta (the begin with ”Buitres” and “Luz Crime”) to an introspective psychedelia (“Glass Wall”) in which his circulation raptor is the star. And at his very first stadium exhibit, wow he took advantage of each scenic resource to accentuate his strategy: on the ceiling, a grid of lights went up and down and looked like the foundation of a shoe, a boot, a foot that pressed in the direction of the heads of the musicians, seeking to trample on people clenched-toothed lyrics.

For “Puaj” and “Fresco” the plugs of that imaginary sole mutated into bowling balls and the weather conditions was prepared for candy to acquire the 1st guest of the night: Nicky Nicole accompanied Wos on the hopeful “Modifying the skin”, which experienced a shot of silver pieces of paper exploding in the air.

At moments, the audio of the rapper’s voice was down below the refrain of the group, which not infrequently demanded extra volume. That was most obvious at the reflective/balladistic second, in which the band was augmented by some strings and his brother’s acoustic guitar. Manuel Oliva, block corresponding to “Look mom” and “Something from the void”. For “Arrancarmelo”, certainly one of the hits of this calendar year, wow Y evlay They went to the entrance of the catwalk that divided the industry to supply a moving version, as intimate as it can be when surrounded by some 30 thousand individuals.

"This is for the petty of the heart", presented Wos before "Get better"
“This is for the petty of the coronary heart”, introduced Wos prior to “Get superior”
Nicki Nicole went up to sing "Changing the skin"
Nicki Nicole went up to sing “Altering the skin”
Ricardo Mollo, another of the guests of the night, contributed voice and guitar in "Culpa"
Ricardo Mollo, yet another of the friends of the evening, contributed voice and guitar in “Culpa”

Rap returned soon following, very first with a freestyle of beatbox to duel with the drummer, and then inviting the phase to his colleagues acru, Zone Y klan at the time old college of the evening, who found su end with “Animal”. “Loud the noise for Argentine hip-hop”, he requested acru in one of the improvisation bars to celebrate this current of existing songs.

Wos still left the scene and on the screens you could see how he was making ready for the subsequent a person: putting on a blue suit and a toupee, in “Kangaroo” he all over again played the political preacher on the lectern that he composed for the video clip, causing a single of the large times of catharsis. The other had been “Let them get better”, also perfumed by an underhand criticism of the method. “For all the giles who harm our country and the countries of The us” ​​and “This is for the petty of the coronary heart,” Valentin reported of just about every one particular at the conclude.

Closer to conscience rap than to the bowling hedonism that other exes manage Fifth Action, his way of seeing the road -sometimes referred to as “progressive”- connects with that general public that grew up in the heat of 90s rock. Some rags from San Martín floated as a result of the field, the pogo rounds opened more and a lot more often and the thematic blocks had been separated by mysterious instrumentals, virtually pinkfloydeanas. Aspect that ended up currently being highlighted with the choral coda that “Mugre” had, by AfroSound Choirstandard collaborators of wow.

For "Rip It Off", Wos and Evlay approached the crowd and sang it from the catwalk.
For “Rip It Off”, Wos and Evlay approached the group and sang it from the catwalk.
Wos looked like the distraught politician he composed for the "Kangaroo" video clip
Wos looked like the distraught politician he composed for the “Kangaroo” video clip clip
Ca7riel was the other guest of the night: he went up for "Skinny Fat Boy"
Ca7riel was the other guest of the night: he went up for “Skinny Body fat Boy”

Standing on the system that was the moment oppressive, the rapper confronted his most indigenous profile – underlined in his most current album dark ecstasywinner of Golden Gardel Y leitmotiv of this tour – with “Gato negro” and afterwards with “Culpa”, in which he appeared Ricardo Mollo to bless this technology with his guitar and loud voice. Although the leader of divided was carrying out a galactic solo, Wos sat up to admire it, capture his breath, and probably flash with the endorsement he was receiving from one of his musical idols in front of his viewers.

Immediately after “Terraza” and “Melón vino”, the emotional peak of the night that brought about some tears amid the viewers, arrived a final discharge of power from the hand of Ca7rielwho joined the jumps of Wos and finished off the pool “Niño Gordo Flaco” with a sparkling guitar solo.

When the figure of the night time threatened to depart, the public began to chant “Púrpura”, with which he generally finishes his shows. A deep purple in lights and screens for “the dance of all those who resist dancing even if they want us to be nobody”, made up of different generations that task in this 24-calendar year-aged artist a revamped variety of rebel. And that this Saturday evening he will repeat the feat in the Diego Armando Maradona.

Wos, in front of his hallucinated crowd (Photos: Juli García)
Wos, in entrance of his hallucinated group (Images: Juli García)

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