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World Hip Hop Day: Why is it celebrated?

During the 1980s, it began to become popular in the neighborhoods of the United States, a musical movement that continues with great success to this day, and for which today we celebrate the world hip hop day.

Known as hip hop, this movement was characterized by clothing full of sports shirts, large chains, baggy pants, but above all by the music known as rapwhich emerged in order to narrate economic inequalities, life within popular neighborhoods and racism towards the African-American community.

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Artists like Rakim, Public Enemy and NWA quickly became benchmarks in the genre and especially in hip hop culture, due to their great lyrics that have inspired new talent.

Today, March 11, International Hip Hop Day is celebrated, so we tell you why this day has been chosen to represent this great culture.

The origin of World Hip Hop Day

It was during the early seventies, more specifically on August 11, 1973, when Clive Campbell, under the name Kool Herc, threw a party on Sedgwick Avenue. In that event, which arose as a protest against various inequalities suffered by the African-American community, Kool Herc took on the role of DJwho was in charge of putting the music.

However, Kerk performed a very particular action, because while the vinyl was running on the turntable, it occurred to him to return the tip of said object to the rhythmic part of each song, giving rise to a sound known as break.

In addition, at said party, the attendees began to dance in a very particular way, giving rise to the famous break dancewhich is also very characteristic of hip hop.

This party was so important that now every August 11, the International Hip Hop Day is celebrated, remembering such an event.

hip hop today

In more recent years, hip hop culture has maintained its popularity thanks to rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr Dre, among others, and even new genres such as reggaeton or trap have been born thanks to the cultural influence of rap.

hip hop in mexico

The popularity of this movement began to spread to other countries, including Mexico, where figures such as Control Machete, Cartel de Santa and more recently Santa Fe Klan, who will even be part of the next Marvel Studios movie.

Santa Fe Klan


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