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Woody Allen announces that he will retire from the world of cinema after the premiere of the next film

The famous and renowned film director, Woody Allen announced that he will retire from the world of cinema after releasing his next film. The filmmaker announced that after finishing the filming of Wasp 22will dedicate his life to writing stories and novels.

Allen is 86 years old and his new film will be the 50th to be released, now he will seek to continue with his life and only write, This was revealed during an interview for the Spanish media, La Vanguardia.

“The movie business has changed; human stories are no longer so interesting”, mentioned the film director What Hannah and her sisters, Manhattan Y The purple rose of Cairo.

His career as a film director will come to an end after premiering Wasp 22, tape that will be set in Paris and “will be similar to Match Point: exciting, dramatic and also sinister,” he revealed. The tape will begin filming in two weeks and will be spoken entirely in French.

“My idea, in principle, is not to make more movies and focus on writing, these stories and, well, now I’m thinking more about a novel,” he said when talking about his future after the release of his next film.

On the first novel he wrote after beginning his retirement, he said that: “If I had a very serious idea, I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing I did in some of my movies, the serious calls.”

In addition, he talked about how difficult literature is compared to writing the script for one of his films. “ANDIt’s an obsessive job. Raisins long periods of time thinking about a single word or phrase, for several hours, trying to figure out how to make a sentence work. The really good writers I know spend a day or two polishing up a sentence,” he added.


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