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woman with a personality leading a jazz orchestra

woman with a personality leading a jazz orchestra

He grew up on the scene of strong vitality and the energy that is heard in his new project, a ten piece orchestra which develops a repertoire of standards and original music arranged by pianists and singers Romina Fuchs,

“I’m excited give standards another life Although they’re already rich enough, my idea is to add instrumentation and arrangements, said the pianist, who will be performing this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. with his ensemble at Thelonious.

And he continued: “In some songs the strings form a background behind the winds, but I like the challenge and other times they intersect to develop different climates; I note the weight of each section in those crossings. am, because the strings sound lighter and we have to find a balance,

“Those are the instrumental combinations I look for in every composition and that’s the spirit of the orchestra, go beyond what is expected In terms of orchestration.

How did you get the chance to lead the orchestra?

Romina Fuchs also makes her own ingredients.  photo Juan Manuel Foglia

Romina Fuchs also makes her own ingredients. photo Juan Manuel Foglia

was to conduct the orchestra a process that began in the mid-2000sInitially as a vocalist, then as a vocalist and pianist and now, leading a try Which beautifully combines winds with a set of strings and rhythm section.

In fact, although his first forays onto the local scene were through singing, He always studied piano; From the age of 6 in Comodoro RivadaviaHe did different workshops, as he fondly remembers from Yamaha with a pedalboard with a double keyboard.

“With 18 Years” I traveled to Buenos Aires to study Graphic Design at UBA, a career that I ended some time later, but I didn’t stop studying music, first with private teachers until I entered a piano career at the Union of Musicians in 2002″, recalled Fuchs. .

Right in shock he began to play in various groups and ensembles. “For example, I took classes with guitarist Pablo Bobrovicki, who directed a jazz ensemble, and it was a revealing experience for me as I entered the instrumental genre. Later I studied Pablo Raposo and Santiago. Studied piano with Giacobe,” he said.

-But you started singing jazz?

Yes, but the voice came later; Already living in Buenos Aires, I was always interested in piano because of the musical point of view. I started exploring vocals in jazz and I became very involved with vocal technique with style.

I studied with Eugene Rabin, who has a refreshing approach, and I attended his classes that are very light on the technique. Up until that moment I had taken classes in the classical school of jazz vocals and Rabin had given me many aspects that had not been noticed.

“Anyway,” warned Fuchs. i never stop playing the piano, I participated in various projects with the folklorist Laura Ross, who we got to play in Cosquin. I was building a path and it involved checking out other genres”.

Many musicians on stage.  Romina Fuchs, on the left and with piano, leads her jazz orchestra.

Many musicians on stage. Romina Fuchs, on the left and with piano, leads her jazz orchestra.

– How was the jump from singing to piano in jazz?

I initially showed myself as a jazz singer, but the piano was about to come. In 2010 I was doing a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, in which we took one of the singer’s albums as the repertoire Arrangements by Count Basie Orchestra and Quincy Jones, It was at that time that my interest in arrangements was awakened. This was the birth, I would say, the nod to the current project.

Nat King Cole Tribute

The process that began as a vocalist went through another phase as the pianist of his trio, where he paid tribute to Nat King Cole as a vocalist and pianist, and then went on to conduct his orchestra. Jumped. “From that beginning, I continue to sing only with Pablo Raposo on piano Anita O’DaySomething like Anita and Oscar (by Oscar Peterson)”, and laughs.

A delicate voice and piano.  Seal of Romina Fuchs.  photo Juan Manuel Foglia

A delicate voice and piano. Seal of Romina Fuchs. photo Juan Manuel Foglia

Regarding his orchestra, Fuchs said that Ella’s album with Bassi had such an impact on him that he decided to write all the arrangements for an octave.

“It was a way to study them in detail and the important information that I gathered from that work. That octave project made it to 2011 to record as Romina Fuchs and the band, With trumpeter Fats Fernandez as guest, among others; There I sang and made some arrangements based on those compositions”, said the artist.

When he continued his activity in trio and quartet, he gave himself the opportunity to launch with an orchestra.

“I’ve always wanted to continue with an orchestra; initially, I was encouraged to include some of the instrumental compositions I’d written in the repertoire and first I added wind instruments to the quartet and then I added strings. Was excited to be involved, it sounded like a real challenge to me”, Fuchs said. Big Band with three winds, three strings and a percussion section, piano, guitar, double bass and drums.


The ensemble’s repertoire is Standard and original music by pianists In that style line. “We make instrumental music, I don’t sit down to write lyrics in English and the language of the orchestra is essentially jazz with the arrangements I write,” the pianist explained. The peculiarity of this orchestra is the unusual ensemble., Therein lies one of the most attractive aspects of this offer.

The orchestra, which debuted in late 2019, is currently composed of Leo de Francisco on trumpet, Gonzalo Pérez on trombone, sax, flute and Emmanuel Brusa on clarinet. Ramiro Penovich On guitar, Lionel Cejas on double bass, Walter Rivera on drums, Paula García Presas on violin, Valentin Nieto on viola and Claudia Cerreni on cello and Romina Fuchs herself on piano and conducting.

Regarding the local scene, Fuchs said, “It’s brimming with good and young musicians; I think Have a floor much stronger than it was years ago, I think the conservatory and the information we have has very strong this view; Besides, there are more places to play and this is absolutely necessary”, he concluded.


The Romina Fuchs Orchestra will perform Thursday, April 28 at 8 p.m. in Thelonius, Nicaragua 5549. Tickets for TikTok Live $1,300.


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