Home Entertainment Witnesses assure that Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself

Witnesses assure that Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself

Witnesses assure that Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself

After the tragic death of the Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, the controversy is still present, as now the witnesses of the moment in which he died assure that he did not shoot himself.

The police who followed the actor and his truck alleged that Ocaña accidentally shot himself.

The family of Okana decided to do their own research, even changed lawyers to find out the truth.

Witnesses Assure That Octavio Ocaña Did Not Shoot Himself - Light Home News
Octavio Ocaña and his friend. (Photo Instagram @octavioocaa)

With this new team of lawyers, they received the testimony of the actor’s companions at the time of the tragedy.

Each of the witnesses assures that Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself after being persecuted by the police.

The Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante announced on his YouTube channel after speaking to the lawyer for Ocaña’s family.

“There are some aspects of your testimony that I cannot disclose. I can only tell you that we are very optimistic about what you said and mentioned that the shock made you unable to fully remember, but we have prosecutors already asked to provide them with psychologists. ” you can remember that these days, ‘said the lawyer.

Infante pointed out that when the police arrived, Ocaña’s two companions assured that the actor had never drawn his gun.

“They said they never saw him supposedly shot himself. Even one of them, the one in the back, claimed he never saw Octavio draw a gun, that’s the most important thing. This is exactly why we feel very comfortable, regardless of the progress that we have already made in the other 3 research folders. ‘

The lawyer has already requested that special safety precautions be taken for witnesses after these facts become known.

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