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‘Without particular signs’, a film that narrates the disappearances in Tamaulipas

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Like an open secret, the situation in the border cities in Tamaulipas and forced disappearance are the order. It is an issue that everyone knows but, unless it is a big public case, it is not talked about or taken into account in the public or political agenda.

A reflection of this can be clearly seen in the film. “No particular signs”which perfectly describes the situation that exists, from wanting to live the American dream, to the pain of families when they do not know about their loved ones who left in search of a new opportunity outside the country.

‘Without particular signs’, is a feature film by Fernanda Valadez, the filmmaker debuted with 15 Ariel nominations, a record for a film whose intention is to expose the brutality of the violence in mexico that “It is not a red note, but a social crisis”; she puts the audience in the shoes of the mother of a disappeared person.

The face of this story is cupcake (Mercedes Hernández), a woman who sees her son leave on a bus heading to the United States with the promise of finding work and a better life. He never reached her destination and now she goes looking for her.

The perfect setting for the development of this story? TamaulipasAlthough the story begins in Guadalajarathe whole plot unfolds in the Tamaulipas territoryIt is not a random decision, it is very intentional, due to this social crisis that occurs almost daily.

spoiler alert

The film shows the harsh reality, since the decision is made to want a better life, embarking on the path in search of materializing dreams, until things get cloudy, because the path is not smooth or straight, not for nothing. Mexico was baptized by the migrants as “Hell”Well, those who have been able to survive, point out that before reaching the US they have to cross through ‘hell’, apologizing for the violence they experience in Mexico.

let’s remember the San Fernando massacrewhere did they go 72 migrants murdered in Tamaulipasa August 22, 2011in the locality there is no person who does not remember this event that sowed terror at the international level, or the Camargo massacrewhere 19 people were found burned17 of them Central American migrants, events that occurred in the past January 22, 2021.

In Sin señas particulares, not only does it evidence a social problem, it reflects the feeling from its most natural, crudest side, because they wanted to express the strength and determination that overcomes many social adversities, through the figure of a mother; It doesn’t seem that what you see is a movie, it seems that what you see is a documentary of how raw it is.

The film is currently on Prime Video


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