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Without Luis Miguel in sight: Alejandro Basteri celebrated his 50th birthday with his niece Michelle Salas

Michelle came to Mexico from Europe to attend the tribute to her great-grandmother in Fine Arts (Photos: Ig/@michellesalasb GETTY IMAGES)

They have been days of celebration for Alexander Basteribecause the businessman celebrated his 50th birthday last Thursday, August 25, surrounded by his closest friends, and the next day, the brother of Luis Miguel he also had a small meeting with his niece michelle halls.

Basteri first celebrated alongside his girlfriend Mariana Otero, who organized a spectacular party at the traditional Hacienda de los Morales restaurant, in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City; and after a few days of his celebration, Alejandro shared on his social networks a clip where he is seen happy enjoying and well accompanied, dancing You’re The First, The Last, My Everythingby Barry White, along with his girlfriend and his friends Paulina Mercenario, Mónica Balcázar and Carlos Hans.

“Not every day you turn 25+25, I like to look at cool beautiful women and listen to divine women with education”, wrote the son of the late Luisito Rey and the missing Marcela Basteri.

Personalities such as Óscar Madrazo, Alberto and Rodrigo Ruiz de Teresa, Gray Arriechi, Claudia Reta and Catalina Buchanan, among others, also attended the place of his celebration. To frame his celebration, Basteri shared an image on his networks where he appears with his girlfriend and noted:

“Late but safe. I sincerely appreciate the congratulations on my birthday and the love they show me. The best feeling is thanks to everyone, millions of thanks bastericollection.com with the heart of a being that is present in the soul and spirit”.

In addition, it transpired that in addition to the great celebration organized by his partner, the businessman also celebrated his arrival at half a century next to his niece Michelle Salas. Although Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter did not attend her uncle’s birthday party, she was able to meet him to celebrate the next day at the well-known Loma Linda restaurant, where they chatted on the terrace of the place.

And it is that the also daughter of Stephanie Salas traveled directly after spending her summer vacation in Europe to the capital of the Aztec country on the occasion of attending the great tribute made in honor of his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal in the monumental Palace of Fine Arts, which took place last Monday, August 29, and which she attended accompanied by her sister Camila Valero, her mother, her grandmother Sylvia Pasquel, and her uncles Luis Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán.

Transcended according to the magazine Who that Alejandro Basteri and his girlfriend Mariana quoted Michelle Salas in the exclusive restaurant, where they also met a “lifelong” friend of the celebrated, who stayed with them to celebrate.

As it became known, Michelle, her uncle and their companions spent a very pleasant afternoon between laughter and anecdotes. In fact, the former director of the Monumental Arena Mexico attended the celebration that Mariana Otero organized the night before for the businessman, Rafael Herrerías, godfather of Michelle Salas.

Alejando Basteri is happy to start a new decade in his life, full and enjoying the success of the launch of his clothing line Basteri Collectionbrand with which he pays tribute to his mother, who in her time was fond of making clothes.

For its part, Michelle Salas has always shown how well she gets along with her maternal family, and how spoiled she is by her legendary great-grandmother, who looked happy and excited at the tribute paid to her by the Federal Government’s Ministry of Culture, hand in hand with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

In addition, it is known that the firstborn of Sun He has always had a special and loving relationship with his uncle Alex Basteri, who, for his part, gets along very well with his two brothers, Luis Miguel and Sergio.


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