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Without education! Osvaldo Ríos “annihilates” Daniella Navarro for her fight with Yolanda Andrade (PHOTOS)

  • Osvaldo Ríos sends a message after Daniella Navarro’s fight with Yolanda Andrade
  • The Venezuelan is not supporting and her face and attitude say it all
  • Daniella Navarro was confronted by the Mexican actress and host

Osvaldo Ríos was one of the participants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ who was shocked and at the same time disappointed with Daniella Navarro, an actress who is not bearing the amount of criticism and attacks she is receiving ‘in the real world’ after her behavior on the Telemundo reality show and this weekend he starred in a “dislocated” encounter.

Yolanda Andrade, Mexican actress, host, activist “faced” Daniella Navarro at last Sunday’s gala when the Venezuelan was put “you for you” after “locating” who she was after the harsh criticism she received from the specialist who gave her opinion of the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ and was blunt in saying that with the deplorable attitude with which that of Venezuela was handled, the artistic union of Mexico would not want to work with the fifth finalist.

Yolanda Andrade’s unfortunate fight with Daniella Navarro

Osvaldo Ríos annihilates Daniella Navarro

As a result of that disagreement in which Yolanda Andrade very intelligently exploded and brought out again ‘the terrible and unfortunate’ face of Daniella Navarro, who ended up more hated than loved for her unfortunate participation in ‘The House of Celebrities 2’, the actor Osvaldo Ríos was not silent in the face of what he witnessed.

In front of all the expelled and with the nerves on end on the part of the drivers of the gala, Yolanda Andrade provoked Daniella Navarro who turned on intensely and everyone thought that they would end up in blows because of the words that both said to each other, which even caused them to make a commercial break … Osvaldo Ríos reacted and went in against the Venezuelan

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