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with the morbidity and the blood in the eye

with the morbidity and the blood in the eye

When a topic does not give for more, better to remain silent. The same should happen with films that, without wanting or needing it, become sagas, or with series that continue to add seasons simply because they have done well with the public.

Why stop? Because they tire if they don’t add anything new to what was perhaps innovative or original when they premiered.

With The purge precisely this happens.

Endless Sadism, 8 Years After The First Movie.  Photo Uip

Endless sadism, 8 years after the first movie. Photo UIP

Yes indeed: The purge forever it is inclusive. All characters, regardless of gender, race or nationality, kill without shaking their pulse.

For those who are not used to the subject, the first Purge (The night of atonement), released in 2013, had Ethan hawke and his family locked up in his home because the “new” government of the United States allows, one day per calendar year, that those who want to go out commit crimes from 7 PM to 7 AM the next day, will not be punished by law. So whoever wants to massacre whoever he wants, can do it. Those who do not, are locked up.

With Or Without Masks, The Criminals Don'T Stop.  Photo Uip

With or without masks, the criminals don’t stop. Photo UIP

It cost $ 3 million and raised nearly 90 million worldwide.

It is a fascist government, of course, that of the new Fathers of the Nation. There is a racism that is not at all hidden, and the first film even had moments of terror.

With the running of the titles, they were already horror. And nonsense.

Ana De La Reguera (&Quot;The Army Of The Dead&Quot;) Does Not Have A Good Time.  Photo Uip

Ana de la Reguera (“The Army of the Dead”) does not have a good time. Photo UIP

The fifth

Thus we come to this fifth chapter, directed by the Mexican Everardo Gout, who makes the confrontation between those who were born on one side and the other of the Rio Grande skyrocket to unthinkable limits.

Josh Lucas (&Quot;Poseidon&Quot;), The White Man Who Reluctantly Hires Mexicans.  Photo Uip

Josh Lucas (“Poseidon”), the white man who reluctantly hires Mexicans. Photo UIP

The plot or plot excuse to see hand-to-hand fights, hectoliters of blood, torture and other etcetera is that several are seen that the clock is not running, they continue with their machetes and weapons after 7 AM.

A wealthy family (white, with Will Patton as patriarch, and his son, Josh Lucas) hired Mexicans for their ranch (Ana de la Reguera, seen in The army of the dead, and Tenoch Huerta, from Grace days Y Narcos: Mexico), and there are American workers who are targeting them. To whites and Mexicans.

Vandalism And Racism.  Photo Uip

Vandalism and racism. Photo UIP

That is the starting point for the armed hunt to begin. The Mexican government opens the borders, and those who want to cross and get to safety have only a few hours to get there.

The generalized morbidity is the currency of this Purge, which goes on and on squeezing as many drops of blood as it can until it’s over. If this happens.

“The purge forever”


Action / Horror. USA, 2021. Original title: “The Forever Purge”. 103 ‘, SAM 16 R. From: Everardo Gout. With: Ana de la Reguera, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta, Will Patton. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto, Cinépolis Recoleta.