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With Sinfonietta and Carmen, the Ballet del Colon showed an excellent level of

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In the same bright mark With which the Ballet del Colon began its 2022 season – it was with the Indestructible Ballet Giselle– , we can trace this second program composed of two functions: sinfoniettaby Czech choreographer Jiri Qian, and a new version of carmenCreated by Argentine choreographer Alejandro Cervera.

The company is currently directed by Mario Galizzi, as a dance group and among its soloists and prominent figures, a Unprecedented artistic consistency and delivery,

a beautiful dinosaur

"Sinfonieta" by Jiri Kulian, scintillating dance by Ballet del Colon.  Photo Arnaldo Colombroli / Colon Theater

“Sinfonieta” by Jiri Kulian, scintillating dance by Ballet del Colon. Photo Arnaldo Colombroli / Colon Theater

let’s start with sinfonietta, This work was seen in Buenos Aires when the Netherlands Ballet Theater in The Hague was brought to the Teatro Colón in 1995, with works from various periods over the years by its resident director and choreographer: the giant Jiri Kylian.

This artist, already of Czech origin, said informally here in Buenos Aires: “sinfonietta It’s a dinosaur.” The work was premiered about twenty years ago and For him it was a distant stage in his career.,

As it were, it must be said that this is a beautiful dinosaur, joyful and vital, which makes some of the lines a bit predictable that Kylian would later: Apollonian aesthetic, clarity of designs in space And that’s how we think the choreographic sequence is going to take a certain direction, but then, surprisingly and unsurprisingly, it deviates.

romantic and with things to say

Novel carmenby Prosper Merimee, was 1845. published in And about thirty years later Georges Bizet premiered his famous opera based on the novel, although the latter was much more popular.

Both writers were French, both attracted to Spain and each conceived in their own language, a romantic drama, Romanticism as an artistic stream was on a retreat in the middle of the 19th century, but reality showed that it still had something to say.

Gypsy Carmen, a seductive woman who is completely guided by his desires and her will, falls in love with Civil Guard Don Jose, who will eventually kill her in jealousy.

"Carmen", passion on stage.  Photo Arnaldo Colambaroli / Colon Theater

“Carmen”, passion on stage. Photo Arnaldo Colambaroli / Colon Theater

there are carmen All elements of European romanticism: local colors, Passionate love, self-rising and a sad ending, And so, with such a suitable reasoning to describe it with dance, there are many choreographers of different nationalities who felt the inspiration to create their own during the 20th and 21st centuries. carmen,

there are Several choreographic versions of both literary and musical works, Something Whimsical Like Ruth Page, which premiered in Chicago in 1939 under the name Guns and Castanet,

The action takes place in a village in the Spanish Pyrenees, Don José, a Francoist soldier, and his girlfriend Micaela condemn Carmen, a revolutionary gypsy dancer who dares to salute the republic. (Prop) The plane in which Escamillo’s character arrives is shot down by a Francoist and as he flees he meets Carmen, who will later be murdered by Don Jose.

“Carmen” by Alejandro Cervera

Alejandro Cervera, also a registrar, staged this brand new platform carmen Driven by a handful of lines from the opera of the same title. And as such, a choreographic work has the dimension, aesthetics and visual appeal of an operatic staging.

In "Carmen", a version by Alejandro Cervera, the Ballet del Colón showed great dramatic tension.  Photo Arnaldo Colambaroli / Colon Theater

In “Carmen”, a version by Alejandro Cervera, the Ballet del Colón showed great dramatic tension. Photo Arnaldo Colambaroli / Colon Theater

But it is not only in the formal aspects where it has value. carmen: Too There’s a certain dramatic tension, lots of carefully crafted characters and a fluid development of the story, As far as the most intimate scenes are concerned, it is worth highlighting the duet of love and pain between Don Jose and Carmen, which is made in a very sensitive way.

As far as the hero is concerned, it should be noted What a good choice Alejandro Cervera made When the Dance Corps find dancers—three of them too young—four Carmen who will succeed in each other’s tasks.

Great rocio aguero ,Note: This review is about the cast of the preview performance) was in the first role, which she tackled in a mature manner and danced beautifully. Juan Pablo Ledo made a brilliant Don Jose His anguish and desolation, as well as the final scene that finds him running around Carmen’s corpse, are spectacular.

the bullfighter was in escamillo The brilliant interpreter that is Dalmiro Estaciano, the exact character of that arrogant and dishonest character. and in a smaller role, edgardo trablon He is shown as the giant owner of the tavern; it is Glad to see you on stage again,

Renata Schusheim’s wardrobe is soberly accommodated with a sense of staging, as in Laura Copertino’s rigorous set design, in which, however, the bulls that compose the bullfight scene shine beautifully.



Qualification: excellent

interpreters: Colon Theater Ballet the director: Mario Galicic Program, sinfoniettachoreography by Leos Janasek to music by Jiri Qian; carmenChoreography by Alejandro Cervera with music by Georges Bizzetta tasksUntil July 7: Teatro Colón, Libertad 621


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