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With school and two concerts they will remember Celso Piña

Three years after the death of Celso Pineapplehis family is already preparing a music school, which is taking shape in the museum dedicated to the Accordion Rebel, in the Independencia neighborhood.

In an interview for the platform MILLENNIUM-Multimediahis sister, veronica pineapplespoke about the musical project, which will take place as part of the association in honor of the musician.

“We have an association called Celso Piña AC in honor of my brother and we are going to open the Celso Piña music school soon.”

When will the school open?

“We are in the process, because first it is a construction to have the places prepared for the people who are going to come to take the classes, now everything depends on the masonry process. The school will be here in this same enclosure.”

For its part, Enrique Pineapplealso the singer’s brother, stated that in its beginnings La Ronda Bogotá rehearsed in the basement, because their parents told them to shut up because of the noise and they had to leave the house in the Independencia neighborhood.

“Yes, here in this house we used it as a studio, although we used the basement, because since mom and dad lived here and they were already grown up, well when we rehearsed they told us: ‘they’re going to start making noise, better go to the basement'” , he remembered.

The first album of Celso Pineapple It was in 1980, a vinyl called Ronda Bogotá that is exhibited in the museum of the Monterrey singer.

“Well, the group has been around since the 1980s, which was when the first album came out. We recorded almost one album a year since the 1980s, more or less like 40 or 50 albums. But they were big vinyl, then the cassette, then the compact, the album and now pure platform”.

Enrique Pineapple He confessed that they accompanied his rehearsals and compositions with some beer and even tequilas.

“We would grab about three or four hours, until we got tired, sometimes with a few beers, the typical thing, suddenly a tequila, we didn’t stir it because the next day you regretted it.”

The museum located on 8th avenue number 1517 in Cerro de la Campana in the municipality of Monterrey, is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has no cost, as Celso Piña’s family did not confirm.

“10, 12 to 15 people come a day, the museum is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is no cost and soon we are going to open the basement and we are going to gradually rehabilitate more areas of the house so that they can visit us” .

will pay homage

As part of the tributes to Celso Pineapplethe state government and the municipality of Monterrey have planned two events on August 21.

The first will be from 2:00 p.m. in Los Pinos Park, in the Independencia neighborhood, there will be, in addition to the Bogotá Round, the Vallenato Regio, Kombolokos, Cumbia Loop, Jhoniván, Erick Joao, Dany and the Princes of Vallenato, Those from the Corner, Los Gandallas, Édgar Marrugo, Sonido Dueñez and Los Siriguayos.

The second will be at the Esplanade of the Heroes at 7:30 p.m. and there the guests will be the vocalists of Gran Silencio Tony and Cano Hernández, Javier López, Pato Machete, Sonido Dueñez and the closing will be in charge of Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia.

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