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With Mickey Mouse and Goofy: this was the viral surprise that Belinda received for her 33rd birthday

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Belinda is of long tablecloths, because the popular Mexican singer turned 33 years old and although she is on a trip, her mother did not hesitate to bid her farewell with a tender gift that could remind her that no matter the amount paid, one is always a child at heart.

Belinda Schull surprised his beloved daughter in an airport terminal, because unknown to her apparently, four of the most important characters in Disney They were waiting for her with signs, balloons and live music performed by a popular mariachi band. Mickey MouseDaisy Duck, goofy Y Minnie Mouse surprised with a brief appearance to celebrate the popular and controversial singer.

“Thank you mom for the surprise. And this reception? Thank you!” Belinda expressed to the surprise where an airline staff collaborated so that her chocolate cake and lit candles were in perfect condition, as well as professional cameramen who captured the viral moment that has already been shared and commented on by their millions of fans, who expect more surprises for the 33rd birthday of the Latin Pop Princess of the decade of the 2010s.

Belinda became an ambassador for a luxury airline

Belinda with her board members, Michel Escalle Silva -CEO- and William Da Silva -Co-Founder- (Photo: Instagram)
Belinda with her board members, Michel Escalle Silva -CEO- and William Da Silva -Co-Founder- (Photo: Instagram)

the hashtag #HappyBirthdayBelinda has begun to be shared with fragments of the surprise that Schüll made to his daughter, taking up the important news that the singer of pop songs like In the dark, in love you have to forgive Y I Love You… I Love You has also become the first ambassador of the airline Global Jet Set (Mexico)a luxury company that provides national and international tours with VIP classification.

Global Jet Set born in the Riviera Maya Cancun; we are a company that understands the word luxury and exclusive experiences, which makes us specialists in VIP tourist services. We work with the highest standards of services, we provide quality, comfort and safety to our customers. Our mission is to provide unique and unforgettable experiences”, can be read as part of the airline’s public information.

Its managing members, Michel Escalle Silva -CEO- and William DaSilva -Co-Founder-, received the also actress as part of the selective gifts that Schüll prepared for her daughter, so the idea that they were the true “sponsors” of the emotional surprise is not an idea ruled out by her fans. , who consider that Belinda is at the level of having such a great advertising responsibility.

The pop singer turned 33.

“Things like this happen only to Belinda, on my birthdays I didn’t even have a cake, ha, ha, ha.” “Like when she turns 33 and she arrives Mickey Mouse… can someone explain to her mom that she is no longer a baby.” “Well what great birthday gift to become a VIP airline ambassador that without a doubt you can take it wherever you want just by uploading a insta story”. “And one more time Good Belinda has done it again, what a nice and tender surprise, “they wrote in Twitter.

A different birthday to those celebrated with Nodal

After several months of scandals, the Mexican public has begun to remember the luxuries and tender gifts that Christian gave the actress of children’s soap operas like Friends forever, Adventures in time Y Sidekicks to the rescue in the past.

Christian Nodal celebrating Belinda in 2020
Christian Nodal celebrating Belinda in 2020

Although her fans assure that she is better off single, the comparisons that her mother’s gifts have generated after those offered by the singer of regional Mexican songs such as Bottle after bottle, they didn’t tell you wrong Y Of the kisses that I gave you gave him when he was her boyfriend and fiancé.


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