Home Entertainment with La Voz Argentina as the most watched, Telefe took over July

with La Voz Argentina as the most watched, Telefe took over July

with La Voz Argentina as the most watched, Telefe took over July

In July, Telefe was once again the most watched channel on Argentine television. The signal of the balls won all three stripes, both from Monday to Sunday, and from Monday to Friday. Already they are 43 consecutive months at the top of the ranking from the air TV.

According to data provided by Kantar Ibope Media -the company that measures audiences in the country-, the channel directed by Guillermo Pendino obtained an average rating of 9.7 points in the seventh month of the year, surpassing the 8.6 average of last month.

With those numbers, won by a difference of 3.8 points over El Trece, its most direct competitor, which achieved a rating of 5.9 points from Monday to Sunday. In addition, Telefe obtained an average share (the percentage among the devices turned on) of 45.43%, also increasing the numbers for June (36.2%).

La Voz Argentina, One Of The Successes Of Telefe In 2021.

La Voz Argentina, one of the successes of Telefe in 2021.

The third place went to Elnueve with 2.3 points, while the fourth place went to America, with 1.7 points, in a notorious audience drop that began a few months ago. Behind was Public TV, which thanks to the transmission of the Copa América – the audience was shared with TyC Sports – achieved an average of 1.3. Net TV was in last place, with 0.4 point.

In the unbundled, from Monday to Friday Telefe increased its average to 10.5, fueled by his great performance in prime time, first with the Turkish novel Doctor Miracle; and then with the success of the moment, the reality show La Voz Argentina, which is usually around 20 points. In that strip, the channel enlarges its advantage to 8.4 points.

In the total for the week, on the other hand, Telefe prevailed by 4.6 points over El Trece, which averaged 6.4 points. The third place went to Elnueve, who measured 2.8 points. America was fourth with 1.9 points. Fifth place went to Public TV with 1 point and behind Net TV with 0.4 point.

The Final Of The Copa América On Public Tv Was The Third Most Watched Program In July.

The final of the Copa América on Public TV was the third most watched program in July.

The most viewed of a month in which the ignition was lowered

The three programs with the best average rating on Telefe in July were The Argentine Voice 2021, with 21 points. In second place was a Sunday broadcast of the same talent show that Marley hosts, with 20.3. And in third place was Doctor Miracle, with 17.1.

If the most watched special programs of the month are taken into account, Public TV rises to third place with the final of the Copa América between Argentina and Brazil, which achieved an average of 17.6. Fourth was the strip of the Turkish doctor and, fifth, a delivery of Deal done, with 12.

Doctor Milagro, The Turkish Series That Was Installed As One Of The Most Watched Programs On Air Television.

Doctor Milagro, the Turkish series that was installed as one of the most watched programs on air television.

In El Trece, the three programs with the best average of the month were Journalism for all, with 8.7 points; The 8 steps of the million, which in its debut week reached second place with 8.6; Y ShowMatch, The academy, completed the podium with 8.5.

In Elnueve, the most watched of the month was Blessed, with an average of 4.1 points. While in America, The Mammons (Jey Mammón’s hit), in its new prime time slot topped the chart for that channel with 2.6.

In the seventh month of the year, the six channels of the Argentine air television together recorded a decrease in total ignition. Although the reasons are never entirely clear, it is likely that the Copa América (on TyC Sports), the Eurocup and the return of local and South American football have contributed to that decline.

The Mammons, The Most Seen In America During July.

The Mammons, the most seen in America during July.

The accumulated ignition of broadcast television was 21.2 points: it fell 1.7 points compared to June of this year. The strange thing is that with respect to July 2020, days of full pandemic and stricter quarantine, the ignition rose 6 tenths.