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With everything and a charro hat: this is how Thalía celebrated the Independence of Mexico

This is how Thalía celebrates the Independence of Mexico (Photo: IG @thalia)

The Mexico’s independence started a September 16, 1810 and from that day until today, Mexicans celebrate the freedom of the country every year with parties, Mexican food and typical costumes.

For Mexicans, September 15 and 16 are days of pride, worth celebrating with loved ones and both ordinary people and celebrities usually do something allegorical for the independence day.

Singer Thalia He was not far behind in the celebration and since the early hours of the morning he had already posted on his Instagram a black and white photograph, with a long coat and a charro hat hanging on the back.

“Happy Mexican Independence Day. What pride and joy to be able to say that I was born in such a beautiful country.of wonderful people. I love you dear Mexico. Congratulations, ”she wrote next to the image.

Also, in his instagram stories reposted her photo with her song Love to the Mexican and took the opportunity to promote the theme on all the platforms on which it is available.

Similarly, he shared a humorous video that referred to several Mexican phrases that are expressed with numbers, such as: “I already dropped the 20″; “I’m at 100″; “I walk from 1″; “I stayed from 6″; was 2-3″; “He went out with his Sunday 7”; “lower 2 lines“, among other.

Finally, the actress also shared an animated image of her in a modernized charro suit and hat, with a background of the Mexican flag.

With this, Thalía has shown that despite living in the United States, she does not forget her Mexican roots and feels extremely proud to be, as she expressed in her post.

It should be noted that Mexican love It is a song that was released in 1997, however, to date the theme is still a success, as it was republished a few months ago on YouTube and has 3 million views.

Thalia’s name has sounded quite a lot lately because she was involved in a controversy with Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapatasister of the singer.

And it all started when the driver of Montse and Joe accused Zapata of being kept by Thalía, who was recently said to have not supported the expenses of her grandmother’s funeral. You’ve run out of your corn that Thalía gave you, get to workYolanda mentioned.

Likewise, Zapata said that her mother did not like her sister to get together with Yolanda and that she hoped that Thalía would move away from her because she was afraid of her supposed ties.

The controversy between Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapata that ended up involving Thalía (Photos: Cuartoscuro//Instagram @thalia//Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)
The controversy between Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapata that ended up involving Thalía (Photos: Cuartoscuro//Instagram @thalia//Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

He also held Yolanda Andrade responsible if something happened to her: “Imagine what society, the person is dangerous, it is very dangerous, tremendous things of fear have come out, from her father, from her family… I did not know what people uploaded, what fear, I thought I was arguing with a person on the air, but not with such a serious background.

And he claimed to have warned Thalía of this situation: “I have sent these records to Thalía, telling her waters!, because Thalía is a married person, she has children, she has a husband, a serious person by her side, He is a person who has taken great care of himself.”.


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