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With a telenovela intro, “Acapulco Shore 10″ released an official trailer and announced a premiere date

Karime Pindter will continue to be the maximum figure of the franchise (Photo: Instagram/@paramountla)

Acapulco Shore It has become the most successful reality show in mtv Latin America and one of the most watched in the entire country. The legendary phrases of Karime Pindterthe occurrences of Edward Miranda – better known as the chili– or the expected return of Jawy Mendez can be seen in the premiere of its tenth season next September 27 at 10 pm Mexico City time by Paramount+.

Through its social networks, the reality show has shared the official cast of its new season and although most of it had already been leaked on the internet weeks ago, the unusual way in which the commemorative project of the Shore franchise has been presented has been the main reason why his name is a trend.

with an intro of soap operaeach of the veterans, recent and new talents of mtv were presented making a clear and exaggerated reference to the Mexican drama that characterizes the Aztec country abroad, this being the return to the origins of the program since last season Bogotá, Colombia, was the main venue and this time Vallarta PortGuadalajara, will witness the great “degenerate” that the shores will do in a broadcast that arrives less than 6 months after finishing its ninth transmission.

This is the official cast of “Acapulco Shore” 10

The "compadres" are back (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)
The “compadres” are back (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)

-Elizabeth Varela

– Abel Robles

– Fer Moreno

-Ricardo Ochoa

– Eduardo Miranda “El Chile”

– Karime Pindter

– Jawy Mendez

– Alba Zepeda

– Andres Cervantes

-Jackie Ramirez

– Sebastian Galvez

The details of “Acapulco Shore” 10 leaked on the internet

Méndez will have his big comeback with this new season Photo: Instagram/@jawymendez_oficial
Méndez will have his big comeback with this new season Photo: Instagram/@jawymendez_oficial

Still without starting transmissions, the tenth season of the reality show of mtv It has already begun to give a lot to talk about, since the constant leaks on social networks that its recordings have had have generated great controversies that indicate that there will be one of the most popular and viewed editions.

The approaches of Jawy Méndez to Isa Castro and Fer Moreno: With brief clips it has begun to speculate that he would have some kind of sentimental or casual interest in two of Manelyk González’s former companions, Castro being his friend and protégé in installment number seven, which was recorded in Mazatlán and would be the debut of both.

They will resume the reconciliation between Manelyk and Dania: In the month of May, the return of the friendship between the two former participants became a bomb for lovers of reality shows because during the birthday party of the tiktoker Kunno, the former participant of The Stars Dance On Todayreality show Televisa for his morning, he fulfilled his statements about leaving behind his controversial past within the show of mtv Y Paramount +just as he showed that it was not a lie that there were no longer any problems with his partner and great friend. This situation will be addressed according to Rocío’s statements.

The viral reconciliation will reach the new season
The viral reconciliation will reach the new season

New LGBT+ talent and criticism for the constant stereotypes: Although the Guadalajara Sunrise will continue to represent the lesbian community, a new man will bring all the splash of colors that has worked successfully since season 7. However, fans are not happy that characters are cast who stereotype what it is to be “gay” and its introduction in the promo is proof of this.

The end of the “sexibajitas”: weeks ago after finishing the recordings, information was shared where it is ensured that Jacky, Fer and Alba will no longer be the dynamic trio that stole the hearts of thousands of fans in the 8th edition. they do not follow each other on social networks, the interest in knowing what led them to end their friendship is one of the most anticipated things of Acapulco Shore 10.


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