Winning the oscars was not her goal

Spanish Sergio López-Rivera, already in another project

Los Angeles (EFE). – Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Spaniard, who won the Best Makeup Oscar for “Ma Rainey Black Black Bottom”, convinced that at the ceremony he lived in a dream and did not fulfill one, because there was no winning identity. . In the goals.

“I don’t have that goal, success is something else for me, leading a happy life, being authentic and being able to do what I love,” says Cantabrian, 30 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, to Los Angeles. . “

Barely a week has elapsed in achieving the Golden Statue, and the Spaniard is already immersed in a new shoot that reunites her with Viola Davis, this time in the showtime channel’s first series about American women, Michelle Obama Will play the role of

The morning after the ceremony, the Lopez-Rivera (1967) phone received more than 300 messages. The next day it reached 750.

“I took advantage of the fact that on the first day of filming we have to quarantine from morning to night to answer everyone one by one.” “I had to do it, the amount of affection, love, support is very strong.”

But even reviewing hundreds of congratulations has not helped the makeup artist process the emotions felt at the gala. He is not the only one, he says, because he has not found anyone who can explain in words what he really feels.

“And that in my life I’ve seen all the Oscars except one,” he says.

Among the aspects influenced by López-Rivera are the “labyrinths” that occur when the winners step off the stage and culminate in the engraving of the trophy.

“It’s not impossible not to get excited when they punch the plaque with your name in front of you,” he tells Agitated from a hotel room.

Lopez-Rivera took the stage to receive the award but gave the floor to her colleagues Mia Neill and Jamaica Wilson, who became the first woman of color to win the award after being included in the Oscars list in 1981.

“We all wanted to talk, but the academy told us that only one could use a microphone and I knew that it was not my responsibility.”

And he says that, knowing that there was a possibility of making history, he refused to allow this image “a monopoly of a white man and two silent black women on the bus”.

Mia Neill’s speech is one of the most diverse editions of the awards.


But beyond putting her name in the spotlight and earning her the highest recognition in the world of cinema, Oscar has given Lupez-Rivera an opportunity to think about the past, upon her arrival in Los Angeles when she was 19 years old and that Time which is associated with all types of jobs. For many in the city, there were phases when things were not as good as they are now. He even thought of leaving three times.

“The car I sold in one of them is like removing my feet in Los Angeles,” he recalls.

It is clear that her future plans continue to work and are soon retiring to enjoy Spain with her partner, whom she met in the same city where she found her dream job, awarded the Oscar . “I have 10 years left to retire, so a lot can happen to me. But I know that I am not going to live without working in Los Angeles, I want to enjoy life in my land.

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