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Winner of BAFICI, an Argentine comedy about quarantine

Winner of BAFICI, an Argentine comedy about quarantine

Argentine film clementine This Friday, it won the Grand Prize for Best Feature Film in the International Competitive section of the twenty-third edition of the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), with a full attendance of two years after the pandemic.

It is a comedy directed by Constanza Feldman and Agustin Mendillaherzou, which emerged during the quarantine and gives it a situational comedic tone in the face of the bizarre incidents that occur in COVID-19 daily life, transforming it completely.

According to the festival organization, awards for best actor Chile went to Juan Cano to film ghost projectwhile as best Actress Judith Roddy was recognized for Granuel’s cry.

“Clementina”, Constanza Feldman and Agustin Mendillaherzoo’s film, winner of BAFICI 2022.

Other Awards

Meanwhile, for the prize best address The Spanish went to the news balls, for Sister Dies (Six Present Days), which describes a week in the lives of three workers at a small plumbing and electrical company on the outskirts of Barcelona. Divided into six chapters, the protagonist must deal with the eccentricities of each of his clients.

On the other hand, in the special competitive segment for Argentine feature filmsturned out to be the winner incompetentDirected by Maximo Ciambella.

while for the prize best local manager Gaston went to Solniki for his work little love packageAn Argentine-Austrian co-production that pays homage to the city of Vienna, and marks the end of an era for one of its protagonists, with humorous touches.

in the new official competition of pawn and penis he was chosen Miff (Family) by Frederick Baillie for Best Feature Film. This Swiss drama, which also won the grand prize, tells the story of a group of teenage girls who enter a safe house.

clementine also took audience award For Best Film, which is cross for three contests.

Perón wins Chroniclers Award

For its part, Argentina be eternal by director Raul Peron, was the winner of Association of Film Critics Award As Best Feature Film of Argentina (ACCA). The artist is made up of Ariana Gallardi, Sergio Fleeta, Micaela Esquivel and Alejandro Ibáez.

Raul Peron’s film “Sean Eternx”, which won the ACCA Award in Bafiqui.

“In my career I always return to boys and girls, always taking care to show them their harsh reality and their own environment,” says Perón. “What interests me most is this: 3 or 4 Life isn’t easy to follow, but in the neighborhood of a holiday, like many boys and girls. Make a movie that’s also raw but without neglecting poetry.”

packed rooms

BAFICI is one of the most important independent film festivals in Latin America and this new edition began last week with packed rooms, as strict sanitary protocols were to be implemented in 2021 due to the coronavirus, and will end next Sunday.

The festival’s artistic director since 2016, Javier Porta Fauz, explained in an interview with Efe news agency that he hopes BAFICI “not only helps to recover the Buenos Aires city centre, which already has enough life. , but also an idea of ​​cinema as a diverse art form”. And he added: “Cinema is much more than a superhero with a proven brand.”


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