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William Valdés: “That my family gets ahead, for that reason I do television”

Study acting, that was the first request William Valdes to his mother when they arrived in Miami from Spain. At that time he was a Teenbut his dream of forums and television cameras had been aging since his childhood in his native country, Cuba.

His mother accepted the request and enrolled him in a local institution, which William attended every Saturday with emotion. His first opportunity came early: at age 12 he stayed in a life insurance commercial. “I didn’t have to act much, they wanted to see my style and they gave me the call, and the first time I was on camera was with María Antonieta de las Nieves, The chilindrina”, he remembers about that first foray into the small screen.

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After this, his career grew and he appeared in grachi, youth drama where he played the character of Sibilo and shared credits with Isabella Castillo, Andrés Mercado and Evaluna Montaner. And in Wake up Americaa Univision morning show that served as a springboard to reach the program in 2019 Today.

“He was not a very disciplined person, he was late. The hard way I learned that you have to be disciplined, take care of your work, be on the lookout and know what your priorities are”, says Valdés about his young years in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

William during his participation in ‘Grachi’ | Special

Fortunately now, as a presenter in come the joyhis approach is different: more professional, prioritizing work and family over the banal, although he leaves little time for rest. “These were exhausting days because I worked from Sunday to Sunday, but if you are disciplined it can be achieved,” he acknowledges about his recent participation as a host in the reality show The academywork that alternated with his role in the morning of Aztec TV.

But faced with physical and mental exhaustion, William comes out on top. meditatingor: “I try to do it in the morning and at night; that is my medicine so that my day flows and don’t pay attention to things that don’t deserve it “.

Things that don’t deserve attention

As a public figure who not only has a great reach on television, but also on the social networks – 1 million followers on Instagram and 589 thousand on TikTok –William has not been exempt of scandals and hate.

The press has not treated me very well, they have wanted to give me this profile of a controversial person because I never remain silentI have received a lot of bullying, but for some time now I decided not to spend my energy on that kind of thing because it is people I do not know, who do not have a profile picture, who hide, and I no longer allow that to hurt me ” , share.

With ‘from some time to here’ he refers to a crisis he had half a year ago “where he asked me why me, why all this hate. He knows that “I am not a gold coin, I have my personality”, but he did not understand why his homeland generated so much animosity: “Most of the comments were: ‘William, go back to your country’”.

“I have suffered a lot with that issue, in the United States I never knew the hate towards my culture. And I don’t mind being told that I don’t serve as a driver, but that they tell me ‘Go to your country’… I hope they never have to migrate to another country to pursue their dream and that they never be treated as they have treated me.”

“Then, for some time now I decided not to pay attention to what people talk about me. (The haters) are closet fans, because they are aware of what one is doing and they always have to comment, ”she says.

The admirer of Don Francisco, Galilea Montijo and Cristina Saralegui He also says that many criticisms against him have to do with a perception that “I’m rich and I have everything easy”, but this could not be more wrong.

“I haven’t had an easy life and neither has my family, so one of my biggest motivations is to be able to get my mom to stop working and take care of her 100 percent; for my family to get ahead, that’s why I do television”, assures Valdes.

sacrifices and dreams

When asked what has been the greatest sacrifice, the driver does not hesitate to answer: “leave my family behind”.

Then he explains that his arrival on Mexican television meant saying goodbye to his mother and to all the ties he forged in Miami: “I moved to Mexico looking for my dream, to continue working. All the time I have had to migrate, leaving my family behind, but I believe that every sacrifice is worth it in the end.”.

Part of the above to tell that that is where the message that he tries to impregnate in his followers comes from: “achieve your dreams”.

“I’ve been through a lot, I’m still going through a lot, but I’m not giving up. People who follow me realize that: even if they say no, it doesn’t mean that everything will end there. The influence I seek to spread is to stand tall, not stop dreaming, go with your head held high and don’t let anything lie down.”.

William Valdes

Photo: Special

At this point, William points out that “you have to know how to differentiate between content creators and people who influence, because I am not influenced by someone who uploads dances; It is not the same that a life motivator influences me, than a guy from TikTok doing things that have no message.

Finally, the driver, who marks our culture and our landscapes as what he likes most about Mexico, reveals his next professional step: “Remove that image of digital driver because I can give much more”.

“I don’t know how far I am allowed by executives and people who know more than one; a boss already knows what path he wants to take with you, maybe they don’t give you things all at once, but he is working for that. But I would like to get rid of that part of ‘William is only good for reading tweets’, I have shown that I have the ability to do more things”.

A message to the William of the past

If he had a time machine and returned to find himself when he started on television, the driver would advise himself: “I would tell him to listen a lot to what more mature people have to say, listen to advice from those people who know, because I was a child who never listened. I would tell him to get ready because it is not an easy game, it is a game full of curves and weeds, that sometimes you are going to have to swim in a pool full of piranhas and you have to keep going. And not to open your mouth too much, learn to remain silent, not to respond, defend yourself but choose your battles.


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