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William Levy remembers his childhood in Cuba when he ate one bread a day

While today he is 1 of the most coveted Spanish-speaking actors, William Levy he does not ignore his childhood in Cuba, the country where by he lived till he was 15 a long time old. Even with the precariousness, the actor of female-fragranced coffee He affirms that he experienced a joyful childhood, and the requirements he went by served him to afterwards value a lot of of the issues that would come later on.

“My childhood was incredibly pleasant, even however we had practically nothing,” he instructed the journal. G.Q.. “We lived beneath the route of a govt that fed us what we needed. The rations have been one loaf for every human being per working day, and a person quarter of a hen for every person per thirty day period. They think that every person is the exact same, but I will not. I assume we are all diverse. If you want to try to eat salad and I want chicken, we need to have that appropriate,” he mentioned.

However, Cuba gave him numerous issues, including his enthusiasm for acting. “From Cuba, acting termed me a large amount. There we had only two channels, the kinds the governing administration permit us see. They were 2 and 6, and on Saturdays they put on a movie and on Sundays a double batch. I never skipped it, for practically nothing in life,” he stated.

As soon as off the Island, Levy has not stopped preventing for what he wishes. “Given that I left Cuba at the age of 15, I am a human being who does not keep in my ease and comfort zone. I am changing all the time, and if I really don’t, I truly feel like I am stagnating, and I don’t like it. After a couple of many years functioning “In Latin novelas, there arrived a issue wherever I desired a crack. As with almost everything in daily life, at times you have to get away, get some air, and attempt different horizons,” said the actor, who moved from Miami to Spain months in the past to film the Serie Monte Cristo.

Inspite of the point that he did not have comforts in his childhood, the Cuban actor realized how to system that knowledge to later value what daily life has set in his way.


“I have often thanked God for developing up like this,” she explained. “Because that presents me the prospect to get pleasure from anything to the fullest. To be able to eat and enjoy the foods to the fullest, to costume and appreciate the dresses to the fullest. To be in a position to opt for. To have the liberty to do what I want, to express myself, to be who I am”.

“I have a glass of wine and I sit down to compile all my past, where by I come from, exactly where I am. If I imagine I’m possessing a lousy time, I remember how lousy I experienced in Cuba. I constantly return to people feelings,” he reported.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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