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William Daniels, ‘Boy Meets World’s Mr Feeney, Shares Why He Played The Role After Turning It Down’

admired boy meets world Actor William Daniels shares the origin story of his iconic Mr Feeney character in this week’s episode Pod Meets World Watch the podcast again, and it turns out that the beloved teacher almost never came.

It seems like boy meets world Producer Michael Jacobs offered Daniels the role, but the casting journey didn’t stop there.

“I asked for a meeting because I turned it down, and they wanted to know why,” Daniels told the three hosts and former stars of the show, Ryder Strong, Danielle Fischel and Will Friedl. “I said, ‘Well, that’s a weird name and I don’t want to make fun of the teachers. I respect them and they get paid less.'”

Daniels joins the podcast host, along with actress Bonnie Bartlett, his wife of more than 70 years. They both remember Jacobs telling Daniels that Mr Feeney would not be a caricature role, and that it was actually based on a real-life mentor from when Jacobs was in high school.

“I realized this part would be treated with respect,” Daniels said. But even then he did not agree.

Bartlett and the podcast host also recounted memories of the show’s disastrous first table, in which Mr Feeney’s portrayal was still not up to snuff. Bartlett threatens to leave her husband, but Jacobs rewrites the pilot in time to save the day.

Mr Feeney went on to become one of television’s most famous teachers, and his character lives on today. Daniels recalled a memory of running away from a group of kids in New York City.

“A bunch of kids got off the bus and they said, ‘Mr. Feeney!’ And they came running, and I ran around the block,” he shared with the whole group laughing at the memory.

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