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Will ‘Ugly Betty’ have a second part? This is what we know

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Ugly Betty It is one of the most successful telenovelas. This Colombian production gained great popularity in various parts of the world and although its premiere was more than 20 years ago, many fans of the story of Beatriz Pinzón Solano still want to see more of her and this could happen.

According to information from journalist Carlos Ochoa, Ugly Betty would have a second part. Definitely, good news for all fans of this story created by Fernando Gaitán and that they have waited a long time to see a continuation of the telenovela.

“The story would focus on the little girl, who would now be 20 years old, but the most shocking thing is that everything would start with the divorce of this couple, the most beloved of soap operas,” said the journalist.

Because the creator of the telenovela has already passed away, the script would be in charge of Juan Carlos Pérez. Also, The journalist explained that a streaming platform would be in charge of transmitting it.

“It would be a commissioned production and they say it could be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Could it be that they also show it on RCN Television? I think so, otherwise they would be crazy.”

If the second part of Ugly Bettymost of the actors are expected to reprise their role that launched them to international stardom as Lorna Cepeda who gave life to Patricia Fernández or Jorge Enrique Abello as Armando Mendoza, as well as Ana María Orozco who played Betty. Although the telenovela had a sequel, Ecomoda, it did not have the success that its successor generated.

Just a few weeks ago, Netflix withdrew from its platform the telenovela, which caused complaints from users, as well as memes.


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