Will the baby you are expecting be a boy or a girl?

mexican model Ximena Navarrete It was finally revealed whether his child would be a boy or a girl.

10 days after announcing to her followers that she was pregnant with her husband Juan Carlos Valaderes.

pink color dominates the picture

At an emotional and intimate family party, where it will be known whether it was a man or a little womanTurned out pink. I mean, The former Miss Universe will bring a girl into the world.

The only one who knew the sex of the child She was the model’s sister, Mariana Navarret Rosette, who kept this secret until the indicated time, quoted people in Spanish.

dream come true

“My child, you are a dream come true, I hope to be a good mother and be a tool to educate, guide, help you To fulfill your dreams and your mission in this world”

i love you longXimena Navarrete wrote on her official Instagram account.

message of encouragement to women

“That’s when I read that when a woman or couple so badly wants a child It’s because that child’s soul is also looking for you to meet,” he said.

Sent Model Message of encouragement to all women aspiring to be mothers: “To all the women or couples who are trying to have a baby, I wish you with all my heart that that moment comes very soon.”

Ximena Navarrete. news expected by

On June 24, Ximena Navarret shared with her followers an image of an ultrasound in three dimensions and colors, where the fetus can be seen.

“It hasn’t been an easy road, later i can tell you and talk about it“, He said.” I am four months pregnant, thank god everything is going great till date. “

a bad memory

Truth is this Ximena had been trying to become a mother for some time now, But unfortunately in 2018 she lost the pregnancy.

After recovering from this difficult defeat Mexican focused even more on his family, his partner, and in enjoying and valuing every second of life.

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