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Will Smith’s life takes a spiritual path

Will Smith's life takes a spiritual path

NEW YORK (AP) – Will Smith doesn’t seem like an obvious candidate for a midlife crisis. He was hugely successful, he was tremendously popular, and he was tirelessly cheerful.

But Smith, who stars in the drama “King Richard (King Richard: A Winning Family)” as Richard Williams, the father and trainer of Venus and Serena Williams, has resurfaced after a long period of introspection.

The 53-year-old actor writes in a new memoir that he meditates, takes part in ayahuasca ceremonies and generally asks many questions about his own childhood and his decisions as a father, husband and star.

What motivated your self-exploration? “My family started to hate me,” Smith said with a laugh. “Everything went very well and everyone was unhappy. I thought, ‘Maybe I should take a look at this.’

“From a spiritual point of view, I began to push the limits of what material research can offer. I’ve climbed a lot of mountains and I’ve started to see the pros and cons of material success, ”he continued. “I think I started to hope there was something else because if there were only hit movies I’d get in trouble.”

With more than $ 4 billion at the box office, Smith is one of the biggest draws in cinema and a showman by nature. But in real life, he’s no longer interested in pretending he’s superhuman.

“King Richard,” which Warner Bros. is bringing to theaters tomorrow and HBO Max, is part of a new direction for the actor. His performance is a sensitive and moving portrait of a father who directs all his pain into his love for his family.

And it has garnered the best reviews of Smith’s career. The actor, two-time Oscar nominee – for “Ali” and “The Pursuit Of Happyness” – is widely regarded as an Oscar favorite.

“Ten years ago I wouldn’t have had the maturity and life experience to find the nuances and subtle textures,” Smith said in a recent interview.

Richard Williams is a hard man to love. But he’s a hard man to love because he loves so much. He was treated so brutally and disrespected and ignored. When you press that trigger, there is a volcano of pain there. His family became his oasis ”.

“King Richard”, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, is an intimate take on tennis giants Williams and a nuanced portrayal of their father-coach, who is often portrayed as a self-promoting megalomania.

It is an authoritative view of the Williams family; Isha Price, one of the three half-sisters of Venus and Serena, is a producer. He presents them as a close-knit family whose accomplishments, from Compton to Center Court, result from their determination and togetherness. For Smith, the role of Richard Williams bears many similarities to his own father. In his new autobiography “Will”, which he wrote with the author Mark Manson, Smith describes his father lovingly, but also as a militaristic, alcoholic and spirited man.

He recalls when he was 9 years old he saw him beating his mother in an incident that made Smith feel like a “coward” for not advocating for her.

Smith describes how a feeling of fear drove him into show business. Much later, when his father was older and confined to a wheelchair, he remembers feeling the urge to push him down a flight of stairs.

Such confessions are a far cry from the light-hearted personality Smith has long embodied. As he proved on a high-profile book tour with Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay and others, Smith remains an artist of superlatives.

Now he is expressing vulnerability in a therapeutic journey that he has presented before the eyes of the world.

“When I look at myself and am prone to exposure, I see my ability to understand others and my ability as an actor increase,” said Smith.

“My journey deep into the joys and traumas of my past helps me expand and build a larger emotional toolbox that will enable me to portray more complex characters in the years to come.”


Will Smith also filmed Emancipation that year with director Antoine Fuqua, a true story about an enslaved and tortured man who emancipated himself from a plantation in the American South and joined the Union Army in the 1860s Apple.

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