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Will Smith won’t be able to attend the Oscars in 10 years after beating Chris Rock

That Academy made a decision against Will Smithafter slapping the comedian in the face Chris Rock Broadcast entirely nationally, the actor is unable to attend any ceremony or act Oscars in 10 years.

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Will Smith is hospitalized due to the stress he is experiencing after defeating Chris Rock

The Academy disapproved of Will Smith’s actions at Chris Rock

This decision was made by the members of the Academy, who condemned the deeds Will Smith while clapping Chris Rock after making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, about your alopecia.

Will Smith got up immediately after the comment Chris Rock and in front of the entire audience, to everyone’s astonishment, he landed a mighty punch on the comedian.

Through this action, the academy has established that Will Smith he will not be able to attend any acts, ceremonies or events alluding to the Oscars or the Academy, a decision that puts him in a position where he cannot appeal.

Therefore, Will Smith will no longer be part of the Oscars, although he can keep the statuette he recently won for his role in King Richard, the film inspired by the father of Serena and Venus Williams.

Will Smith lost contracts with producers and brands for hitting Chris Rock

In addition, the decision of Academy, Will Smith After recently losing deals with some of the producers and brands that had sponsored him, the actor paid dearly for beating Chris Rock at the Oscars on a national network.

After the decision of Academy, Will Smith He has not officially commented on this act and will speak about his situation in the next few days. Before he knew it, the actor entered an anger management clinic.

So to, Will Smith could become the target of another embarrassment in the coming months, like the rapper August Alsina, lover of Jada Pinkett-Smith will publish a book in which he will reveal everything about this relationship.

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