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Will Smith made a somber admission: ‘I always wanted to kill my father’

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According to Will Smith was in the eye of the hurricane after slapping Chris Rock in the facethe actor decided to travel to India in search of a spiritual guide, but above all a confession The most recent book reignited the controversy surrounding his persona by saying that “he always wanted to kill his father”.

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Will Smith resurfaces in India after beating Chris Rock at the Oscars

Where did Will Smith reveal his desire to kill his father?

This is one of the most dark confessions in the life of Will Smith, who in his autobiography expresses his wishes “murder his father’, since he was a thug and perpetrator when he was a minor.

Once Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the faceThe actor canceled several projects in which he would participate and He even decided to drop out of the academyan act that would eventually happen.

That The only business Will Smith has been successful in is selling his autobiographywhich took a “second breath” in the last few weeks among the 80 best-selling books in the country.

So to, The book was released in the summer of 2021, but after the slap in the face by Chris Rock, physical and online format sales soaredthis is how this story has been recalled by netizens in recent days.

In the book, Will Smith opens up about the tough childhood his father put him throughthe alcoholic was violently and ruthlessly beaten, as was the actor’s mother.

The book describes how Will Smith wanted to kill his father

Next, Will Smith recalled growing up in a hostile environment, filled with fear and resentment towards his father. and in the book he publicly accepted his suppressed desire to kill his father.

“When I was nine, I saw my father hit my mother on the head so hard that she collapsed. I saw her spit up blood. That moment in that room defined who I am, probably more than any other moment in my life,” reads an excerpt from the book

in the biography, Will Smith Details that over the years his resentment grewto the point where he contemplates throwing his father down the stairs to kill him and take justice into his own hands.

“One night, as I was carefully carrying him from his bedroom to the bathroom, a darkness descended on me. As a child, I always told myself that one day I would avenge my mother. That when I was old enough, when I was strong enough, if he wasn’t a coward anymore, I would kill him (…) I stopped at the top of the stairs. I thought I could easily push him off me,” he added in the letter.

Therefore, Will Smith confesses how he wanted to kill his father However, once he decided to become an actor and have a successful career in Hollywood.

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