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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Will Smith finally apologizes to Chris Rock through a video for the Oscar 2022 slap

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  • Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for the slap at the Oscars.
  • The actor shares an unexpected video where he is honest after what happened.
  • He assures that he is sorry for what he did at the gala.

Will Smith apologizes. How to forget the moment in which the Oscar awards gala, he dressed in a moment of tension for all those attending the ceremony. Comedians Chris Rock and Will Smith starred in an awkward situation where “The Prince of Rap” hit his partner for a “heavy” joke on his wife.

The great conflict between Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars has given much to talk about until now, as the issue continues to echo on social networks and in various media, it was something that undoubtedly It will be recorded for a long time.

Will Smith reappears and speaks about what happened at the Oscars

Will Smith apologizes

After what happened at the gala where several celebrities were awarded, the subject of the slap completely invaded the internet, and although it seems that that moment was forgotten, Will Smith himself brings it back to life after sharing a video in his social networks about what happened at the Oscars.

When it comes to celebrities, social networks are filled with topics that generate thousands of comments about what happens in the daily lives of stars. Social networks are already part of the daily lives of many people, including celebrities, so Will Smith has tried to share all kinds of content related to Chris Rock. Filed Under: Will Smith apologizes.

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