Will no longer defend Britney Spears

singer without public defender or representative

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Britney Spears’ public defender filed documents to waive the interpreter’s guardianship case, the most recent of several such actions that have come to light as a result of the pop singer’s comments in court. In which he criticized the legal system which controls his money and his personal affairs.

In documents submitted to Los Angeles Superior Court, Samuel Ingham III asked the court to appoint another attorney to Brittany, saying that his resignation would take effect once this happens.

During her June 23 court speech, in which she denounced conservatism and asked Judge Brenda Penney to end it, Brittany criticized Ingham and said she wanted the court to allow her to hire an attorney of her choice. give permission

Last week, Bessemer Trust, the wealth management company that was requested by the singer to replace her father as custodian of her finances, submitted its own documents to withdraw from the case. Newspapers noted that circumstances had changed after comments made by the singer on 23 June.

During a hearing in November, Penny denied Spears’ request to replace her father entirely, but said that James Spears and the Bessemer Trust could work together as co-custodians of the singer’s finances. .

And on Monday, in a letter obtained by the entertainment industry publication Deadline, the singer’s manager of years, Larry Rudolph, also announced his resignation, noting that Spears has no way of resuming her career after a two-year hiatus. was not the intention. , he has nothing to do for him.

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Ingham, a veteran probate attorney, took a back seat in the conservatism case for years, but has become a more outspoken advocate for Britney Spears since last year.

Her statement in court that the interpreter fears her father and that she will not resume her career as long as she has power marked an initial rift in the supposed consensus between the parties involved in the curatorship.

At the June 23 hearing, Ingham explained that Brittany had not asked her to file a motion to end the stereotype, but noted that she expected to do so soon.

In the singer’s comments about Ingham, Spears said she didn’t know she could apply, and she didn’t.