Home Entertainment Will Julión Álvarez now devote himself to washing the car? (Video)

Will Julión Álvarez now devote himself to washing the car? (Video)

Julión Alvarez lava carro ahora

The singer was caught washing his car and, after a questioning, Julión even quoted the prices for his services.

MEXICO.- Julion Alvarez astonished his followers after he was captured wash a vehicle. However, despite the ongoing investigation against him, he continues to maintain the good humor and positivism that characterize him.

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Will Julión Álvarez now devote himself to washing the car?

The singer, who has always shown a great sense of humor, once again provoked the laughter of his followers after a recording was shared on Instagram in which he saw a truck being lifted.

In the clip, after noticing that it was being recorded, the performer of “You should have left before” is a little “shocked” but continues to work. And so the person who recorded it asks him how much he is asking? As a professional, he also specifies his tariffs according to the car to be cleaned.

“How much for the car wash?” Said the interlocutor, to which the singer replied: “Small car, 250; Truck, 500; at home, 2 thousand. The song is apart ”, one hears Julión say with“ seriousness ”in the recording that was published on his social network.

Yes OK, Julion Alvarez trust that there will be one soon Dissolution in favor of his innocence to distance him from the capo nicknamed “El Tío” and soon can resume your career, after the US authorities closed their accounts for their alleged links to drug trafficking; This job wouldn’t consider him an option to stay.

It would only be one Video as a joke, to which his followers did not hesitate to respond with positive and even mischievous comments.

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