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Will Cynthia Rodríguez father Carlos Rivera? Children’s room “Search”

Cynthia quiere ser mamá al lado de Carlos Rivera

Why would singer Cynthia Rodríguez ask Santa Claus for a nursery?

MEXICO CITY – Cynthia Rodriguez has once again caught the attention of fans after the motherhood issue was re-emphasized. Recently the singer and presenter of “Venga la Alegría showed her desire to convert” Carlos Rivera with dad, because he asked his company surprisingly A kindergarten!

Above all Cynthia He has no children and was not married, but announced some time ago that he hopes next year would like to become a mother alongside Carlos Riverawith whom he has been in love for more than six years.

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Will Cynthia Rodríguez father Carlos Rivera?

Even though Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera they were enough discreet with your sentimental relationshipLately, the couple have seen a little more of their advertising. They even spoke openly about their mutual plans for the future.

The proof of this was the wish or request he made Cynthia in the morning of “Venga la Alegría”.

In one Video which is already circulating on the Internet, showed when the moderator in a dynamic with Capi Pérez, who disguises himself as ‘Margarita McKenzie’, the “head” of the personnel department of TV Azteca, asked him to set up a kindergarten in the facilities of the TV channel Ajusco, revealing her obvious desire to become a mother.

It is important to note that in addition to Cyntia’s recent statements, Carlos Rivera also said that does not rule out marriage and what should be dad it gave him great illusions.

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