Home Entertainment Why was Eduin Caz hospitalized in an emergency?

Why was Eduin Caz hospitalized in an emergency?

Eduin Caz hospitalizado de emergencia

A photo of Eduin Caz, the Grupo Firme singer at the hospital, sparked concern.

MEXICO.- Eduin caz is eye-catching again, but unlike on previous occasions, this time the leader and singer of Group of companies It sparked concern among his followers after a photo was shared showing him sitting on a hospital stretcher surrounded by doctors.

The image, which immediately caused concern, was shared by Daysi Anahy, Wife of the member of one of the most popular regional music groups in Mexico.

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What happened to Eduin Caz and why was he hospitalized in an emergency?

Through the Instagram stories of the wife of Eduin cazShe announced the singer Hospital emergency.

The split picture shows the Singer on a stretcher and already with multiple devices connected to his body. It can also be seen that he is medically cared for by two specialists.

But perhaps the most alarming was the message with the Daysi Anahy accompanies the photo in which she also added an emoji with a crying face and labeled her husband, “First, God, everything will be fine.”

Why Was Eduin Caz Hospitalized In An Emergency? - Light Home News

The snap revealed that the singer was a Effects on your health, but neither in the publication nor in a subsequent message was the Reasons for which the leader of Group of companies had to be treated in an emergency.

However, in some portals it was pointed out that Eduin caz I was not feeling well and in not taking care of himself, his condition was complicated. It is also known to be the lead singer of the Grupera musical band Asthma problems. As indicated by him, this condition is aggravated in the winter season due to temperature changes and cold weather.

“That I’ll have Covid … a lie, that’s totally wrong. My true fans know that the cold is killing me because I have asthma, “he said the day before Christmas through a post on social networks.

but The singer Hours before you need urgent hospital treatment, posted a picture in which he assured that he was “sick” like his daughter.

“Someone is sick like his daddy,” was the message that Caz published at dawn on Tuesday, December 28, and that accompanied a picture of his tired face.

Why Was Eduin Caz Hospitalized In An Emergency? - Light Home News

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Mhoni Vidente predicted that Eduiz Caz would be hospitalized

Recently, Mhoni seer started his Forecasts for 2022 about the future of some famous people and, apparently, misfortune was expected Eduin cazWell, according to the fortune teller, the tarot cards showed her that it will be a complicated year in love for the singer of the Grupo Firme.

However, his state of health is already visible affected Well, he was hospitalized in an emergency and that was to be expected Mhoni when taking out Executioner’s letter.

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