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Why they ‘ran’ Amparo Serrano from “Flans”

Amparo created one of the best known brands in Mexico, Distroller. (Instagram photo: @flansoficial/@amparinserrano)

Last Friday, August 12, Amparo Serrano passed away, also known as Amparinat 57 years of age. The designer, entrepreneur and creator of distributor She lost her life after spending around three days hospitalized in serious condition as a result of a domestic accident. Her unexpected departure shocked her family, friends, followers and entertainment world, as it should be remembered that several years ago she was about to be part of Custarda famous eighties group, but came out for a mysterious reason and in her place came Ilse.

After decades involved in controversy over her unexpected break with the group, Amparo Serrano was honest about it during an interview she gave to Mara Patricia Castañeda in 2020. Notably dismayed by the situation she faced when she was around 18 years old, she confessed that did not give up Custardbut could not continue by decision of the director.

When they kicked me out of “Flans” I was very hurt […] What happens is that he did hit me a lot, in itself I am not someone who has a very high esteem and when they fire me my esteem dropped to zero from really very bad.

Amparin confessed that he could not continue in the nascent project because the principal wanted me to stop studying. It is worth mentioning that at that time she was beginning her career as a designer, a profession that years later paid off with distributor. As expected, both she and her family did not agree with the condition, so she had no choice but to leave.

Maybe he was afraid that at the mere hour he wouldn’t arrive, who knows, but I was super committed. Also now I understand it, not before and the net if it cost me a lot of work to recover from that, “he said.

In this way, the businesswoman reiterated that for many years she held a grudge, but over time she managed to heal. Even shortly before the interview with the entertainment journalist, she accepted an invitation to eat with the then director of the project, Mildred Villafañe, and in a certain way she managed to close that wound that she had.

The designer confessed that she had two conditions to form part of the group: study and vote.  (Photo: instram/@amparinserrano)
The designer confessed that she had two conditions to form part of the group: study and vote. (Photo: instram/@amparinserrano)

I had a grudge against him for a long time. She recently invited me to eat, I went and I really understood her part because we were very young, I was 18, she was 24, she was also a baby, “he said.

Although he did not achieve his dream with Mimi and Ivonne, he looked for a way to continue singing and formed a duet with another performer that unfortunately did not stand out as expected. However, she gained a bit of popularity that led her to star in a cover with Erik Rubín, who at that time was already very famous for her participation in Timbiriche.

What Mimi and Ivonne said about the departure of Amparo Serrano

The members of Custard supported the statements of Amparín in an interview offered for your house TV -hosted by Anette Cuburu- and took advantage of the cameras to recognize her performance as one of the most important designers in the country.

“She is a beautiful girl who was in the group and someone from above decided to take her out. They blame us and it’s not Mimi’s fault or mine, I mean, the situation was someone else’s decision. You are a great woman and you have been very prosperous in your career, congratulations, things happen and do not tell you things that were not, “said Ivonne.


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