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Why They Consider Him “The Worst Person In Hollywood”

Why They Consider Him

It was announced two weeks ago that Faye Dunaway would be sharing the bill with Kevin Spacey. the man who attracted god, the film that marks the return of the House of Cards actor to cinema after Reported sexual harassment and assault.

With Faye Dunaway’s return to cinema at age 80, the legends surrounding her are also rekindled, pointing to her as one of the most complicated stars on a set. to the extent that it was said that it was worst person of Hollywood. She herself took care of that bad reputation: “Yes, I’m hard to treat, but at least they pay attention to me.”

As he told in an interview Vanity Fair, that struggling personality was sculpted from his upbringing. Her version supports all psychoanalytic theories: “My mother had one ambition for me: to be the best. It was all about me. i wanted to be perfect, which intensified and inspired me”.

Faye Dunaway.  Ap Photo

Faye Dunaway. ap photo

It All Started With “Bonnie & Clyde”

The movie that launched Dunaway to stardom was Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn, 1967). This was his third film, he was just starting out in the film industry, but apparently he was already airing. So he told the British newspaper Wire One of his classmates, Estelle Parsons.

“Everyone disliked Faye. Every time we got ready to film a scene she would demand to be combed again,” he recalled. But he offered a caveat: “Of course I don’t want to imagine how a woman feels in that situation.”

was referring to The sacrifices made by the actress to get that role. After Penn turned him down for his previous film, human packBecause the producers considered her unattractive, and the job was to end at the hands of Jane Fonda, Dunaway dropped everything to play Bonnie Parker.

Faye Dunaway In The Movie &Quot;Bonnie And Clyde&Quot;.

Faye Dunaway in the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”.

She stopped eating, took diet pills, and spent several weeks with wrist and ankle weights. As a result, she lost twelve kilos and managed to convince Warren Beatty to accept her as a co-star. He preferred Natalie Wood, Sue Lyon or his sister Shirley MacLaine.

The actress said, “Bonnie is the character closest to me in many ways: a small-town girl who came from nowhere, hungry and rich, wants to do something important, wants to be successful.” Sir. in that moment He gave up half his salary in exchange for having his name on the credit, before the title of the movie, like Beatty.

fight with Polanski

Another iconic film of his is chinatown. but there is also with a black legend About her behavior during filming, especially her poor relationship with director Roman Polanski.

One day, the director noticed that one of his hairs was floating against the light and decided to take it out because it would distract the viewer: he demanded that it be removed. Then, he wouldn’t let her into the bathroom, so he peeped into the plastic cup and threw it in her face.

Faye Dunaway In 1967.  A Long And Complicated Career In Hollywood.

Faye Dunaway in 1967. A long and complicated career in Hollywood.

The Difficult Actress Label Stick With Her Forever, But Maybe She Was Just The One The Victim of Gender Violence Who Decided to Put the Brake on It To abuse, maybe a little disproportionately.

“I’ve never seen this kind of craziness,” said Polanski, who also objected to Dunaway screaming ‘cut’ every time she ran to take off her makeup and hair.

She said that was part of the job. and in an interview with the new York Times, accused the director of abusing: “Roman understands that in order to do something good it is necessary to inflict pain. their sadism ranged from physical to emotional. It was not because of the hair, it was because of the constant cruelty, the constant sarcasm, the infinite need to humiliate me.

In his favor is the testimony of directors such as Sidney Lumet or Elia Kazan, who highlighted his professionalism. “My perfectionism arises because my job is to achieve something wonderful and I use all my ingenuity, my courage and my mind to make it special. That’s why people go to the movies to see something special, “she explained.

Jack Nicholson And Faye Dunaway In A Scene In &Quot;Chinatown&Quot; Where The Actress Misbehaves With Director Roman Polanski.

Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in a scene in “Chinatown” where the actress misbehaves with director Roman Polanski.

Bette Davis, Lapidary

Anyway, he could not get rid of the nickname of the cocky diva. And another diva, Bette Davis, was in charge of reinforcing that image when Johnny Carson asked her on his television show before twenty million viewers, the worst person in Hollywood: “You put anyone in this chair.” and they will tell you what Faye Dunaway is absolutely impossible”, was Davis’ lapidary reply.

Two years ago, Black Legend did nothing but update itself. they kicked him out of the play tea at five, where she played Katharine Hepburn, another diva due to events that happened to her peers. according to them he counted New York Post, she was late for hours, forbade anyone to see her (including the director and playwright) and demanded that no one wear white clothes.

He flipped boxes of combs, mirrors or hairpins to those who denied him. Not liking the food, he threw it on the floor. slapped an assistant who was trying to put on his wig. He ordered that his dressing room be cleaned on his knees. And his assistant denounced him as a “little homosexual” for emotional abuse and humiliation.