Why the reality TV pandemic became the star of TV

Television, over its nearly 70-year history, has gone through various cycles, fashion and social trends that respond to the needs of production and, at times, are almost impossible to decipher. In that particular television world, Reality shows came 20 years ago, they had their heyday and then fell from grace. Unless Pandemic puts them in the running again.

Love as well as hate, these shows often have no middle ground, and that’s part of their charm. involves fully exposing human vulnerabilities. For this reason he is being criticized.

before that big brother, In March 2001, even those who were established in local programming during this pandemic, two decades have passed and, despite all that has happened since then, The essence of the genre does not lose its appeal to its fans.

Sing, dance, cook, sew or football story, in this one and a half year since the pandemic broke out The reality format had a variety of subjects. With participants well known or unknown to the general public, they settled great television star Of this moment

The coronavirus imposed restrictions and social distancing, and as a result, in theory, that Fiction productions could not be created, with scripts tied to the new reality. but it is also true that The Cost of a Reality Show, Too Little Whether one of the receipts of a strip or a unit, it was like a glove for the programmer.

On the other hand, lack of work due to lack of imagination From artists to media and athletes, many celebrities have been inspired to join the format., adding an extra iota of curiosity and appeal to the masses.

Introducing a flight of reality shows of the moment

Bake From Argentina.  A New Season Of Reality Show Will Hit The Telefe Screens At The End Of The Year.

Bake from Argentina. A new season of reality show will hit the telefe screens at the end of the year.


The reality show, destined to find a new star pastry chef on Telefe, was the first to wake downcast television screens, shocked by the pandemic in March last year, with projects shortened and postponed.

Led by a jury composed of Paula Chaves and Christophe Krivonis, Damien Betular and Pamela Villar had an unexpected component in the cycle that added to the scandal and the ratings. participation of Samantha Cassais, a professional pastry chef has caused a stir on social networks of such scope that Production had to change the rules of the game.

Although this version had been recorded several months earlier and coveted the Casas champions, the spectators pressed so much that a final was re-recorded, where Feud was disqualified and declared the winner. Damien Pier Basil, who was the runner-up.

With an average above 10 points during the months it was in the air, that last one touched a peak of 18 points, marking a trend that some similar cycles would continue afterwards.

singing 2020

In July last year, while Marcello Tinelli decided to stay away from the screen for a year, its version Singing which had more choice in line with the times of social distancing than the classic Dance. With Angel De Brito debuting as host of Laurita Fernandez, the competition was a much lighter version, in the context of disputes and quarrels between the participants.

Singing 2020, The Singing Reality Of El Tres That Consecrated Cache Sierra.

Singing 2020, the singing reality of El Tres that consecrated Cache Sierra.

The jury was made up of two historic La Flea productions: Moria Casón and Nacha Guevara, joined by Karina the Little Princess, in that new role and Pepito Cibrián, was immediately replaced by Oscar Mediavilla. The reality show averaged 8 points and was extended till January this year, with Abhishek Agustin “Cache” Sierra as the Winner.

masterchef celebrity

With the clean and jerk left by bake, debuted on Telefe in October last year, masterchef celebrity, a format that was known in previous seasons, but with the type of celebrities among the contestants. Circle led by Santiago del Moros Settled as last year’s big favorite with loyal viewers extreme.

The controversial final, between Claudia Villafane and Annalia Francine, was broadcast in January this year and 26.9. reached the historic peaks of With the consecration of Claudia as the winner. The program was also established as new television stars were the jurors Donato de Santis (who was already famous, but here he showed other aspects), Damien Betular and Germán Martigui.

Gaston Dalmau, Champion, And Georgina Barbarossa, Runner-Up Of Masterchef Celebrity 2 In The Final That Marked Historic Ratings Peaks.

Gaston Dalmau, champion, and Georgina Barbarossa, runner-up of MasterChef Celebrity 2 in the final that marked historic ratings peaks.

The second season of the reality show Cooking with Celebrities was immediate and A new contest began in February favoring more celebrities and greater numbers.. On June 24, the final between Gaston Dalmau and Georgina Barbarossa, in which the actor prevailed, reached the peak of 30 points.

voice of argentina

Same day as the end of the second edition masterchef celebrityThe reality show dedicated to finding the best singer in the country started on the side of the air. The numbers continue with the program led by Marley and of which Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti and Maui and Ricky Montaner are part of the jury..

still on the stage of blind audition, Program ranks as most viewed every day in primetime, with a view not to leave the space on the screen or on social networks that still count and promote the genre.

Famous Cut and Dressmaking

Last year a good showing of the sewing reality show, hosted by Andrea Politietti in El Tres, produced a version with celebrities, although it averaged between 5 and 6 points, It was enough for them to be a part of the event.

The jury, composed of Benito Fernández, Veronica de la Canal and Fabian Zitta, selected Anibal Pacano as the winner in a very eclectic group that also included María Fernanda Callejón, Ximena Capristo, Pachu Pea, Anita Martínez and Mario Gursi..

Mario Gursi Won The Competition Together With Anibal Pacano And Pachu Pe मिलकरA At The &Quot;Famous Cut And Dressmaking&Quot; Workshop.  Photo: Instagram.

Mario Gursi won the competition together with Anibal Pacano and Pachu Pe मिलकरa at the “Famous Cut and Dressmaking” workshop. Photo: Instagram.


a somewhat modified version of Dance It was chosen by Marcelo Tinelli to return to television last May, this year. Jury, Participant and Competition Format Repeat the plan that will make so much profit For many years. This time on the jury are Angel di Brito, Carolina “Pumpita” Ardohain (replaced by Guillermina Valdés), Jimena Barron and Hernán Piquin.

Although in this period the numbers are not so favorable For the dance reality show who led primetime For so long (it averages between 7 and 9 points per day), the circle continues to call on celebrities willing to try their luck with another field, such as journalist Deborah Plager, influencer Lizard Pons or Model Candela Ruggeri.

La Academia- Tinelli With Angela Leiva And One Of The Makers Of El Tres Chakra.  Photo Lafalia / Jorge Luengo And Julio Ruiz.

La Academia- Tinelli with Angela Leiva and one of the makers of El Tres Chakra. Photo Lafalia / Jorge Luengo and Julio Ruiz.

Argentine female correspondent

Public television also has its own reality show, in this case a hitherto unreleased item: football. for a month, with Argentine female correspondent, program led by Mariano Pelufo, Discover the Best Soccer Narrator in Argentina.

From primetime From Tuesday to Friday, and also on Sundays, a jury composed of Viviana Villa, Walter Nelson, Evelina Cabrera and Miguel “Titi” Fernández evaluates 16 participants who report goals for different teams as well as those who play football history. I remained local. With an average between 0.5 and 1 point, there are also Emotional stories of participants.

obviously, reality shows are back to stay. Before the end of the year, another season of bake. and for 2022. third edition of masterchef celebrity, among others. reality for a while.