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why the Colombian telenovela is a success on Netflix

Nostalgia or new public for the hawks? The second season of the Colombian telenovela that had been a global rage between 2003 and 2004 premiered on Netflix: Pasión de Gavilanes. This new version was launched on July 20 and since then it has been the leader among the ten most viewed series on the platform.

What new dangers and passions threaten the dynasty of the three Reyes brothers and the three Elizondo sisters?

The original conflict had been the Reyes brothers’ desire for revenge against the supposed murderer of their younger sister (the father of the Elizondos). All together they resolved that melodrama in 188 episodes, they ate partridges, beat ratings in Latin America and rested eighteen years. Until in 2022 the suspicions and power games in the Colombian style were reactivated.

The Reyes sisters, in Pasión de Gavilanes 2. The Telemundo series broadcast by Netflix.

The Reyes sisters, in Pasión de Gavilanes 2. The Telemundo series broadcast by Netflix.

Where does the new stage start?

The kick of Sparrowhawks Passion 2 is a crime that surrounds one of the sons, but massive eyes rest again on the legendary couples that had formed in the first saga: Juan and Norma, Jimena and Óscar, and Sarita and Franco. Except for slight wrinkles and renewed dyeing, time does not seem to have diluted the fervor for Passion of Hawks. Change the format, the hearings remain.

For this reason, when this season 2 premiered on Telemundo, on February 14 of this year, under the headlines of the return on TV it was possible to read: “The passion is intact! Mario Cimarro (Juan Reyes) and Danna García (Norma Elizondo) returned. Paola Rey (Jimena Elizondo) and Juan Alfonso Baptista (Óscar Reyes) returned. Also Natasha Klauss (Sarita Elizondo) and Michel Brown (Franco Reyes)”.

Michael Brown? The Argentine actor who went down in the history of the genre thanks to Passion of Hawks: between Mexico and Colombia. It started in junior play with meby Cris Morena, in 1993. Then he was Tommy in the second season of Chiquititasin 1996.

Michel Brown in "Passion of hawks".  Photo: Instagram.

Michel Brown in “Passion of hawks”. Photo: Instagram.

Three years later he went to Mexico to make more telenovelas, until he became popular in 2003 as Franco Reyes, the middle brother in Passion of Hawks. Y his fame did not waver. This year, for example, he was the presenter of Fire Challenge Latin Americathe History Channel’s gun reality show.

What will Michel Brown feel at the age of 46, having returned to the Franco Reyes that gave him continental fame? His is a special (and revealing) participation. Originally I wasn’t going to be in Sparrowhawks Passion 2, but the audiences would have screamed to heaven.

understanding the phenomenon

It is worth looking back to understand the phenomenon. Back on October 21, 2003, it was the very first broadcast of Passion of Hawks, an RTI Television production for Telemundo and Caracol Television. When on July 23, 2004 it culminated in its 188th episode, it had already become an audience milestone in Latin Americain Spain and in more than fifty countries.

In Argentina, Pasión de Gavilanes was broadcast on Telefe in 2005 and it became the most watched Colombian telenovela in local history: its inaugural episode measured 37 rating points.

From 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Reyes-Elizondo saga through the balls channel was guilty pleasure for thousands and faithful love for millions. Passion of Hawks she became the owner of siestas and revived the Argentine interest in soap operas.

Every time in 2005 the curtain sounded Restless beastplayed by Ángela María Forero, hearts and tickles were renewed to find out how this mixture of romance and hatred would continue, with the chiaroscuro and archetypes of the traditional soap opera (still without feminist axes).

They were three attractive and good brothers, but with a thirst to avenge Libya, their deceased younger sister. Opposite were three beautiful sisters, daughters of the evil businessman.

The setting: the Elizondo hacienda, in the context of the Colombia of the generation after the period called “La Violencia” (from 1920 to 1960), which brought about clashes, struggles and attacks between the Liberal and Conservative Parties of Colombia.

The Reyes brothers, stars of Pasión de Gavilanes 2 on Telemundo and Netflix.

The Reyes brothers, stars of Pasión de Gavilanes 2 on Telemundo and Netflix.

Against political bloodshed

Passion of Hawks it was a form of catharsis against political bloodshed. How? He sublimated the hatreds in the family cloister. In the founding, the three Kings planned to seduce the three Elizondos to vindicate his sister. Marriage as worst punishment? Nuptial and dynastic justice?

The plot of 2003-2004 it was classic according to the rather patriarchal codes, somewhat rethought for the most current fictions. Of course in the Passion of Hawks Initially, the trap of love in the Colombian haciendas was going to be triggered easily: the muscular and long-haired Juan Reyes (Mario Cimarro) fell blindly in love with Norma Elizondo (Danna García).

And so the sensual and forbidden menu was served. It is also worth thinking about the secondary character of Rosario Montes (Zharick León), the exciting dancer and singer of the Bar Alcalá. She became a sexual and feminine icon in Colombia, and now her daughter is part of the plot Sparrowhawks Passion 2which ended on May 31 last.

Two months later, this July 20, it went to Netflix (which had previously uploaded the original telenovela). Since then, already with 82 episodes, Sparrowhawks Passion 2 does not fall from the first place among the most viewed series on Netflix.

Mario Cimarro, one of the leading men in Pasión de gavilanes 2.

Mario Cimarro, one of the leading men in Pasión de gavilanes 2.

Surely the dramatic youth arcs must generate a lot of curiosity, but the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters continue to be the key to this undying love with Colombian political subplot.

Juan Reyes, the oldest, remains impetuous and protective (although not very bright). Franco, two years younger, is the moderate of the three (although he had his arduous love affair with Rosario Montes). Óscar, the youngest, is aggressive and fierce.

For her part, Sara is the eldest of the three sisters: the elegant and lucid one. Norma is the sensual and unhappy, and the most violent of the Elizondos. Very different from Jimena, the romantic, reader and kind: the ideal woman according to the familiar eye of melodrama. What will the new generations think, far from those preconceptions?

As said, the kick of Sparrowhawks Passion 2 he is dead.

Mixed.  The Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, in Pasión de Gavilanes 2.

Mixed. The Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, in Pasión de Gavilanes 2.

The corpse of a professor appears and one of the offspring of the Kings is accused. The need to proving his innocence was the factor of return of the parentsas well as other equally powerful characters: Kristina Lilley plays Gabriela Acevedo from Elizondo, the mother of the Elizondos, Carmenza González is Quintina and Tatiana Jauregui plays Dominga.

What many ignore is that the Passion of Hawks from 2003-2004 it had been a remake. It was written by Julio Jiménez, a profuse writer and author now 74 years old (whom It is often called “The Colombian Hitchcock”), based on his own soap opera the still watersissued in 1994.

At that time it was difficult to calculate what dimension his famous second version would take on, years later. Or that, thanks to the inexhaustible consumption of streaming content, history was going to repeat itself for the Reyes-Elizondo dynasty for the third time.


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